Are Mass Effect And Dragon Age In The Same Universe? BioWare Responds

It wasn't a serious question, but I did ask it. And they answered.

I was talking to BioWare co-founders, doctors Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, about a lot of things during an interview earlier this month in Las Vegas. The query just popped into my head. Maybe it all crosses over. Here's how the conversation went...

(One bit of set-up that you need to know: People at this site have long needled the BioWare chiefs for using the phrase "emotionally engaging" many more times in a conversation than is normal. Zeschuk was in on the joke by the time we did this interview. Muzyka was not, but caught on during the conversation as Zeschuk started to keep a tally — they got to 7 during our half-hour conversation.)

Me: I've seen armour from one BioWare game appear in the other. Do any of these games take place in the same universe? Are Dragon Age and Mass Effect in the same universe? Would that break a rule?

Ray Muzyka: I did wear my Dragon Age blood dragon armour for a good period of Mass Effect 2.

Greg Zeschuk: I don't… Is Mass Effect the past or the future?

Muzyka: Maybe [Mass Effect hero Commander] Shepard enjoys the look. He just enjoys the aesthetic. He has a TV in his cabin. So he gets to play great games and decorates his armour with...

Me: So you're telling me Dragon Age is a video game series within the Mass Effect universe. I like that idea. Shepard is playing Dragon Age.

Zeschuk: In the future, it's the greatest franchise ever.

Me: I like it. I think every game should be played in one of the others. And it should just telescope out.

Muzyka: Maybe we're in a game right now.

Zeschuk: Think of all the emotional engagement we could have.

Muzyka: And I'll tell you one thing, Stephen, if that's not emotionally engaging, I don't know what is.


    Now wouldn't THAT be a twist!

    The DA universe is inside the ME universe.

    It always throws me off just how much Hawke looks like me. Shit is ridiculous.

      ...and I certainly hope you wear full-plate armour daily too.

    You'd think that in the future, sequels wouldn't be as asshat terrible as Dragon Age 2...

    Wasn't one of the statues in Donavan Hocks place from Dragon Age?

    Eh seems totally plausible to me. Whats not to say that out there right now there are planets that are still in the medieval times just with magic. While other galaxies have mass effect style civilization. And here we are somewhere in the middle.

      Ahhh the countless hours I have just sat there and wondered the same thing. Good times. :)

      I believe the same suggestion has been put forward for the Warhammer franchise as well

      Warhammer 40k and Warhammer could exist in the same time only Warhammer is a planet that is disconnected from the interstellar conflict of 40k.

      Which isn't entirely impossible since it's been suggested some of the worlds that the Space marines recruit from a pretty village survival of the fittest type planets

      You're missing the point. He's saying not that Dragon Age and Mass Effect take place in the same universe, as in, they're both happening at the same time/on the same timeline, he's saying that Dragon Age is a videogame that would be played by people in the Mass Effect universe.

    Shepard is a great great great great great great great (you get the drift) grandson of a Grey Warden ....

    Dragon Age 40,000!

      In the future, there is only emotional engagement...

    greatest franchise ever... *puke*

    What the shit? Are people seriously asking this?

    The Mass Effect universe is OUR universe. There is no way Dragon Age can be related to it.

      oops I just re-read the article. But still it's dumb.

    The guys over at the CDN forums are gonna love this...

    Um... if Dragon Age is a game in the Mass Effect universe and in our universe... AND "In the future, it’s the greatest franchise ever."

    That makes the Mass Effect universe OUR universe!

    That seems quite cool. Very Futurama/Simpsons :P

    It's a grim future indeed when Dragon Age is the best franchise.

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