Are These Doom 4 Screenshots?

These images, supposedly from Doom 4, have popped up. It seems they were inadvertently spilled by the portfolio of artist Thao Le.

In addition to the images, a user on 4chan has, in addition to sharing the pics, also claimed that the game has been cancelled.

Which is funny, because we'd heard something similar last October.

On the subject of the cancellation, Bethesda's Pete Hines has again come out in defence of the game's development, telling Joystiq "DOOM 4 isn't cancelled. When we're ready to talk about it and show it off, we'll let everyone know."

While that addresses the cancellation rumour (itself curious, given it's the second time in six months that's popped up), he mentions nothing about the authenticity of these screenshots, originally available on 4chan but since taken down.

They appear to show the forces of Hell tearing up planet Earth, a setting familiar to fans of the series since that's the basic premise of Doom II.

That is, if they're legit. Sure, they look in keeping with what we last saw from id in RAGE in terms of lighting, etc, but then blood-splattered hallways aren't exactly hard to fake.

We've contacted Bethesda (id's parent company) for comment on the images, and will update if we hear back.

On a related note, and less speculative, here's a still from an art visit to id, showing a model of a weapon with a Doom watermark clearly visible at the top right.

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    Well...if they are they certainly dont get me hyped for doom 4. Pretty band and boring environments imo.

    Dunno. These don't look very Doomish. Where's the Sci-Fi bent? Just looks like a dirty town. Wouldn't look out of place in CoD.

      And before any one says It's Earth herp derp, so was 2, which still had a futuristic feel.

        Although to be fair, Doom 2 could still have been on Mars for all we knew. Same wall and sky textures.

        However I'd suspect that even in the future, brick and concrete buildings wouldn't have been turned to plasteel or whatever.

          Did you play Doom 2 and actually read the story at the end of each episode? It was set on Earth

            The fact that it was called "Hell on Earth" was also a pretty good clue.

              and the bunny head. :)

                I think his point was that Doom 2 Earth was disappointingly similar to Doom 1 Mars.

    Can't be Doom 4. The environments don't look glitched and broken enough to be the Rage engine.

      Snarky pants.

      RAGE looked AMAZING on the 360. Best tech of this generation, particularly when you consider it's running at an absolutely fluid 60fps.

      Crappy ending, but the artwork was outstanding. And the core mechanics were great too.

      Once again, that was AMD's (ATi) fault for releasing broken drivers. Le sigh.

    Looks like HellGate:london Drawings to me...

    Since when do people believe anything "a user" from 4Chan has to say?

      You've obviously never worked as a researcher at then. :p

    Looks like Episode 3 screen shots

    Now its rumoured that it could be Rage DLC

    >>In addition to the images, a user on 4chan has, in addition to sharing the pics, also claimed that the game has been cancelled.

    Users on 4chan say a lot of things.
    I've heard more than a couple say that the journalistic integrity of Kotaku and Gizmodo has been dead for a good while now. Stop the fucking presses.

    I think they look pretty damn good, whatever it is.

    For all the people who say this doesnt look like Doom 4 its because it isnt, its possible that these are concept pics this guy has done with the engine and if you look closely in one of the pics it shows the McDonalds sign, unless Maccas paid for a product placement its probably safe to say that these pics are from the idTech 5 engine but arent actual in game Doom 4 screen shots.

    Including this guy is an Environmental artist, with these pics originally being on his blog means that he was using them as pictures to profile his skills and all pics have to be approved by id Software for show and do you think because how easy it is for this stuff to leak that id would approve of pictures that could potentially spoil the unannounced Doom 4?

    In my personal opinion some look like Doom but most look like just concept art done using the engine.

    Could be these are just images/concepts from an earlier version of the game, if they're from the development of Doom 4 at all. So "cancelled", but not exactly "Doom 4 is cancellled"...

    Rage had better visuals than this. Even if it's the idTech engine, it's not final.

    Doom 4 is still in alpha stages you morons, stop whing about it.

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