Are You Ready For This Sengoku Basara Mousepad? Are You?

Since around 2005 or 2006, "boob" mousepads have enjoyed a degree of popularity with male gamers. But not all gamers are dudes, and not all dudes like boobs. Hence, this.

This Masamune Date mouse pad is a fan-made creation, produced by doujin circle Waradoko and released last month. Date, real-life historical figure, appears in Capcom's handsome samurai series Sengoku Basara.

The games are popular with female players. Capcom's already licensed out a theme park attraction, a stage play and apple juice in hopes of capitalising on the sexy samurai — who really weren't all that sexy!

Top [Waradoko]


    i... i wasn't ready

    looks like a man

      Yeah, agreed, that looks like a dude, "rest your tired wrist on his cock & balls" I dont think so buddy!

        "looks like a man"
        "Yeah, agreed, that looks like a dude"

    Will somebody please claw my eyeballs out for me.

    omg iv never seen a guy version of the boobs mouse pads, eww so bad

    I think he's demonstrating a yoga position.

    Thanks, now I cannot unsee this

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