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You guys have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.

Questions can be addressed to myself or Tracey, otherwise one of us will just jump in and answer it when we have a moment to spare. :)


    "Questions can be addressed to myself or Tracey" I'm just gonna address my questions to 'Marcey' :P
    So Marcey, did you hear the one where Logan only found out about Halo 4 this last weekend? :P



          Best conversation thread in Ask Me Stuff, ever? I think so.

    What was the answer ?? Please???

      Lol was about to ask the same thing.

      Given your desperation, I think they will just leave it and let you descend into madness :)

      I keep forgetting that exists until you two mention it, stop bringing me into your madness. :P

      Crap -- this is my fault. I put this up for my day off and didn't check!

      It's Robocop -- the Arcade version!

        It's like a weight off my shoulders. Thanks, Mark.

        Thanks. Would never ever have guessed that.

    Which of the $900 dresses in the sidebar ads have you bought for Wife/Tracey/Elly?

      Shit's bonkers, yo.

        Surely that's no way to speak about your valued sponsors whose fine quality products certainly offer exceptional value for money for the discerning shopper?

          ShopStyle is our sister site, so it's an in-house ad.

        Over the last few days I've seen quite a variety of things, from quite reasonable and nice looking stuff for $20-30, all the way through to what I assume is fashion porn: $1400 clutch purses. One of them had a brass-knuckles style grip on it.

      You see dresses?! Oh man, I only ever see boys stuff, no pretty dresses or shoes. /o\

        The vast majority of the time, it's advertising bikinis to me ಠ_ಠ
        Although once it did advertise L.A.M.B. ladies shoes...

          Aww. :( I love Gwen Stefani's stuff. Would be impossible to wear even if I could justify that amount of money but looking at pictures while browsing my favourite site would be kind of cool.

        It keeps trying to sell me lingerie, and I have to frantically change stores in the options before my bosses think I spend my 'free' time at work looking at half-naked ladies.

          It currently has me on "American Eagle Teen Girls' Clothes" and "Victoria's Secret Tees".
          I have that sort of figure, I guess.

      More importantly, who the heck is paying 1400 dollars for a pair of shoes?

        See my comment above about fashion porn. i assume that much of this is for the viewing pleasure more than for regular purchases.

    Addressing questions to both Mark and Tracey!!! Did you guys get my mail about our upcoming pack of Steam releases? (From NyuMedia) We would like to run a giveaway dedicated to the aussie community (well, we can drop the NZ in there too, heh) because you guys are all awesome (kudos to the people of TAY, the TAYbies!) and, well, it's the first time they don't kick me away when I started talking about shmups. Of the very hard kind!

    Thanks in advance and looking forward for your reply!

    P.S.: If you could choose: Pizza or nachos? Apples or Strawberries? Choices, choices!

      When I was in the USA a few months back I ate a giant steak served on an even-more-giant bed of nachos. It was awesome.

    I recently decided to reduce the amount of video games I purchased this year in order to help save for my upcoming wedding... However my Fiance and I are about to get into Warhammer, which is probably a more expensive hobby than doing drugs... Should I just go back to buying videogames?

      One strategy I employ is to sell games I've completed and won't play again and use that to fund future game purchases. The same money going around and around can get you quite a few good deals before it evaporates... if you're careful. Inject $20 per month into the 'fund' if you have to.

        EA just called -, they asked me to tell you that you're worse than Hitler.

          The future called, they wanted me to tell you that thanks to product registration requirements, they win.

      Warhammer is a very expensive hobby. I would not recommend to someone who is trying to save money.

      Just buy the books, and cut paper shapes to represent the figures. Super cheap, and you can customise and scale your army much easier (eg 5000 point armies, 10000 point armies), and unless you're planning to play competitively, having the actual models is unneccessary.

      Just don't turn a fan on near where you're playing (AHH MY TERMINATORS BLEW AWAY!)

    Will i see any of you at the capcom thing today?

      Nope, Capcom already showed Mark their games yesterday so we're staying back here to work.

      I will be there!

      Planning to take on board the suggestion of dressing up too, so I guess look out for a guy with... a sword. And beard.

    For $20, what's the best bang for the buck on the Playstation Store?

      FFVII, VIII and IX are reduced (under $10 ea) until tomorrow morning presumably. Hours worth of play right there!

      Man, so much good stuff.

      My recommendations.

      Pixel Junk Monsters
      Pixel Junk Eden
      Bionic Commando Rearmed.
      Critter Crunch

      If you can make a combo of them match $20 I'd go for them.

    Isn't it a little strange that Soulcaliber already has about a 12 DLC items before it was released?

      Not entirely surprising. A lot of the time DLC is developed concurrently with the full game. It would be nice it they just included it all with the game, though.

        Different budgets, not all teams work on the same things at the same times, etc.. please don't fuel the entirely unneccessary fire :/

        Yeah, but this lot is just stuff like, "Music Pack 1", "Music Pack 2", "Female Customisation Pack 1", etc. I don't think they would have created the music after the game had shipped.

    What do you recommend in the terms of excellent DS / 3DS games?

      DS: Elite Beat Agents, Pokemons, Professor Layton series, Ace Attorney series, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors, Advance Wars Dual Strike and Days of Ruin/Dark COnflict, SMT: Devil Survivor, Dragon Quest 9, I'm a fan of Etrian Odyssey series, but it's not for all, Final Fantasy 4 is solid as always, Ghost Trick, Henry Hatsworth, Kirby Superstar Ultra, because Kirby, Mario and Luigi RPGs, Radiant Historia, Rune Factory 3, Zelda is always good, Trauma Center series, The World Ends With You.
      Off the top of my head.

      3DS doesn't have much so...

      OoT, Starfox 64, Cave Story, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart, Resident Evil: Revelations

      and +1 to everything Bish said. Use MetaCritic to help as well

      I would also add Rhythm Heaven to Bish's list, along with Moon, Dementium (where the crap is Dementium 2???), Contra 4, the three Castlevania games, Space Invaders Extreme, GTA Chinatown Wars, DQ Rocket Slime, SOUL BUBBLES!, lots of people seem to like The World Ends With You, Ninja Gaiden was good... oh, and Hotel Dusk! Tsk for forgetting. Tetris DS is pretty fantastic but long out of print, so hard to find.

      As for 3DS, I'd also throw out a recommendation for Ghost Recon Shadow Wars if you like Advance Wars/Fire Emblem type strategy, and Steel Diver if you like something a little different. Particularly if you can find a Myer that still has any games left in it, I got my copy for just $14. RE: Mercenaries is good if you enjoyed that mode in RE4. I also rather enjoyed Pilotwings, a lot of people say it's really short but I got a good 21 hours out of it before I had 100%'d it.

    What do you two have against cats?

      We both like internet cats. In person, we both prefer dogs. We don't like the attitude that cats have towards everything. They're a bit unpredictable, they're snooty, and the whole idea of having to win over their affection is annoying.

      Dogs on the other hand! Oh man, dogs! <3

        Fair enough!

        When a cat does give you affection you know it's earned.* A dog will love you no matter what. I think this gets to the core of the "issue".

        *Earned, or randomly provided by an animal that deep down is crazy.

          See I don't think Cats give love based on the fact you earned it. It's just random. It's an abusive relationship!

    I doth request, if I may, m'lord, that a post of mine (in TAY) in moderation may be approved?
    I believe, similarly to last time, it may be stuck in thine depths of thy spam category, as it contains within a multitude of links, of which I doth promise that only a few of them insist that you buy cheap brand-name goods.
    Thy post be maybe 4000 words, so one hopes it mayhaps be noticeable.
    I thank you for granting me an audience, great lord, and I humbly bow out.

      Increasing the amount of permitted links in a post before it gets sent to moderation might also help a little. There'd be less TAY breakage.

    Andy Murray showed a lot of heart in his semi-final match last Friday, assuming he plays like that for the rest of the year, what do you rate his chances of winning one of the other 3 Slams?

      I think that Semi could have gone either way.

      Murray has a better game for Djoko than Nadal that's for sure. If Murray had played Djoko in the final after a five hour marathon, he would have put him away. Nadal couldn't.

      It's like rock scissors paper with these guys.

      Nadal beats Federer
      Djokovic beats Nadal
      Federer beats Djokovic (sometimes)

      I think Murray is the most flexible player of the four, so if he steps up his mental game and adds more aggression to his game, I think he can do it.

        Yep it's unfortunate that he couldn't convert those break points at 5-5 in the 5th, the pro-Murray crowd was going wild (I was there) hoping that he would come through. In the end Djok just had the belief and confidence and that got him over the line against Murray & Nadal, even when things looked bad for him. I'm definitely rooting for Murray to be the one to challenge Djokovic this year, I think he's almost there.

    Did you ever get the email I sent last week about getting my KKP contributor prize? I believe I sent it when you were busy with Game Jam, so it probably got lost in your inbox somewhere. :P

      Re-send it to Mark later this afternoon. he's busy with an article atm and is unlikely to look at his emails until he's done. Try 3pm?

      I got it! I think I sent yours out. If I didn't, then it'll be sent out on Fri with the stragglers.

    Can we please have Bold, Italicize , and Underline buttons above the comment box?
    It would really help to prevent any mishaps in TAY.

      Or maybe some kind of Preview Post button?

      We're working on a system that adds that functionality -- it's actually harder than it sounds, because we don't have a member system.

    Can Superman outrun The Flash?

      That would make The Flash pretty redundant. His one thing is that he runs fast (and all of the secondary powers that come with that), if Supes can beat him at the one thing he's good at, what's the point of him being around at all?

      Anyhow, thanks to the Speed Force and all that, the answer is pretty clear.

      Anyone with access to the Speed Force (the Flash family) is going to be faster than anyone without access to it (anyone with superspeed as a secondary power really).

      It's actually in canon that any time Supes beat The Flash, they were in promotional races and The Flash let him win to make things more interesting.

      Oh wait, I should have gone with a Simpsons quote as a response. Am I too late for that?

        Oh awesome, I've got a Speed Force in my wardrobe. Thanks, Logitech!

      The fastest speed at which any incarnation of the flash is known to have run is double light-speed.
      To contrast, Supes maxes out at roughly 1/3 the speed of light. So no.

      However, the only correct answer to any of these types of question is "Depends on the writer". Especially for "Could Batman beat Superman in a fight". Depends on the writer.

        Nah, it's always Batman. ;p

          Only because Superman doesn't want to hurt his friend and Batman is willing to exploit that :p

            But only a lazy writer would have Superman win, since it's so easy. Think of all the intricacies involved in letting the man dressed like a bat win!

    Can you or whoever copy pastes the US adds at least slightly modify them for your AU readers. Example of this is if the article is referencing a US release date that is not the same as ours could you at least add the AU date or a note about it.
    Copy paste at times seems a little lazy..

      They're not copied and pasted. They appear in our CMS. Sometimes when we're publishing a large number of US articles in succession it can be easy to miss US-specific posts. We catch them more often than we don't. For example today I deleted a bunch about PSN release dates because they're not relevant to Australian readers. We also delete a lot of GameStop sales-related posts. Sometimes things slip through.

      In terms of modifying these posts, the reason why we run them is because it's worth letting people know what's happening in other territories. We let posts about Netflix and OnLive through all the time because those things are worth knowing about, even if we don't have access to that technology in Australia. We tend to not bother including little notes with all these posts because we assume that the readership is cluey enough to know whether or not something applies to Australians. If we've caused you any confusion, I apologise.

        Tracey, to what extent do you localise them? Every now and then I see a post where the price has been changed from the US price to the Australian price. And once, I noticed someone had localised "asshole" to "arsehole".

          There is meant to be an automated function that changes US spelling to AU spelling in the body of articles. So if an article comes through with the words "color" and "favor", they're *meant* to automatically change to Australian spelling. This doesn't happen for headlines, though.

          In terms of the extent to which we localise, it really depends on who is doing it and how busy we are. Elly feeds through most of the content because she is the night editor -- she is very meticulous and is always telling Mark and I off if we forget to format something properly or use the incorrect tags -- but she also works across three sites so sometimes things can be missed.

    To both of you.

    A few weeks ago, the UK Government announced a continuous development package for the video game industry in the UK to simulate expansion and the like. Other European countries seem also to be considering large continuous packages as well.

    Do you think it likely that the Australian Government at some point will do the same? Do you think there will be an increase in generalised funding for small software/techonology business and games development will be included in that?

    Or do you think the $2 (?) million that was given out a few weeks ago will basically be a once off.


      There is a fair amount of government funding and some tax breaks available, but anything the Aussie Gov does will be tailored to our own specific market.

      I believe you will see some new initiatives over the next couple of years, but who knows what shape they'll take!

    anyone know if they'll be releasing more chronicles DLC. I'm assuming the pluralled title Chronicles means yes. but can anyone confirm?

    How do you post a comment with a custom icon, rather than the stylised 'K'?

      Add a picture at using the same email address you use here. It takes a short while, and soon all your comments will have the picture.

    Tracey, are you a fan of Trials HD. I have never asked you? If now, I propose a visit to the offices to 'school you' on the best game EVAR!

    Mark, dude, have you seen the new videos... check out the Trials Evolution Limbo track... Crazy good... Im happy to help you get through this one too ;)

      Oh gawd! Can't wait to frazzle my nerve endings with this game.

      I have never played it!

    Do you guys know what happened witg that GAME Swingers event? I hear it has upset a bunch of people but I can't find any coverage about it.

      I've been chasing official comment. Will post when I have information. :)

        It was discussed on one of the GameArena Podcasts.

        From what they said the whole affair came off as very, very creepy.

        There was something on the Cybergamers forum about it - the thread title was something like "GAME Swinging - HOT CHICKS LOLOLOL"

        There was a video which has been taken down too

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