Assassin’s Creed III Will Be Out Oct 30

Assassin’s Creed III Will Be Out Oct 30

Ubisoft won’t even wait a full year to release the next Assassin’s Creed, because the next one, Assassin’s Creed III, will be out on October 30. The company announced that today during a call with investors, bumping the AC series up from its traditional November release.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot says the game will be “the biggest launch in Ubisoft history”. He said the game has been in development for three years.

Details are scant about the new game, but Ubisoft has promised that it will star a new protagonist, giving Ezio de Auditore, hero of Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations a rest.

You can watch the end of Revelations for some hints about where ACIII might take us. Or you can just read the theories… that lead us to some likely era, everyone’s favourite being the American Revolution.


    • Yeah after the way Ubi milked that series dry I cetanily have “franchise fatigue”, and I didn’t even play the last two.But now I feel to out of the loop to play a proper sequel.

      • This. I love this series but the whole “release a new one ever year” is getting thin. Still havent played revelations.. im just over the series.

        If the game was massively different each time id be fine with it, but generally speaking its the same mechanics each time, just slightly improved/changed.

        • Agreed. I played AC 1 and 2 and i loved them. I played brotherhood and managed to get about 2/3 through the game before i gave up simply because the plot sucked and aside from the team of assassins, it was pretty much the same. For this reason i didn’t even buy Revelations since it was just another milk release with grandpa Ezio.

          I’m incredibly glad to hear that Ezio is being shoved off for this one but Unless both plot and mechanics are radically different from the others i probably wont bother with it…

  • I thought that way until I PLAYED brohood and revelations. Both titles were freakin awesome despite their development times

    • Brotherhood was awesome. Revelations was meh, It was ok but story wise it was a lot shorter than Brotherhood. Still it had Altair.

        • I miss the AC2 puzzles … there seemed to be more logic in them than in the brotherhood puzzles. Completely missing from Revelations. Otherwise I think the games have constantly improved at each iteration.

          People complained about Den defense in revelations but I never had to do it again after the first tutorial one.

          Interesting that Ubi has been developing this alongside the last 3 games

          • The biggest complaint about Den defense was exactly that. You didn’t do it more than once unless you really tried to, so it was completely pointless.

  • This one has been in development for three years… does that mean a different team from Bro and Revs has worked on it?

    • Also my thought. They’ve got a pretty impressive project management culture in there to be able to put out such solid games on such a tight schedule. My instinct is to be cynical about this, but the evidence is against me.

    • Hopefully this means that a lot of the game mechanics will be different from AC2 and its expansions. The gameplay was fun, but when you’re making a third Ezio-based game and you think ‘uh…how about a hookblade?!’ I think it’s time to move on…

  • I hope they have actually been working on it for three years. I loved 2 and Brotherhood, Revelations was a chore to finish. It really seemed rush, if 3 ends up that way, i will be very disappointed.

    I hope this wraps up Desmond’s story line, cause’ i would totally be down for a few extra spin off games (PROVIDED they are GOOD!) set in Asia/Americas/any where else in the world during different eras.

    Also, if anyone is worrying about Story, i say play Brotherhood, as it has some important developments. Read a wiki or something about Revelations. The title really is a lie, there is nothing big or important in the game.

  • I still expect that we’ll see it in November. It’s basically ‘Assassin’s Creed month’ by now 😛

  • This is the last chance i’m giving it, revelations provided nothing at all to further on the story. Seriously, i thought it did at the time but now i look back on it any questions i wanted answered were delibrately swept under a rug, so silly.

  • I think they need to move backwards in time, purely to stay away from guns and rifles.
    I dont want AC turning into a sniper game. There a lot to be said for stalking your prey and killing them up close and personal.
    Im not a fan of the hidden gun in AC2 and avoided using it as much as possible.

    And I got fed up with Revelations. Its like Ubi tried to cram far too much into the game.
    Brotherhood hit it nicely, but Revelations was an unfocused mess.
    I mean, throwing in tower defence mini games? C’mon.
    There was far too much side shit going on which makes you lose track of the main story. I didnt know what the hell was going on, or who was who, or why shit was being done. I lost interest. First AC I didnt complete. Only got about 25% through.

  • i skipped brotherhood and revelations because i knew i would suffer from franchise fatigue if i played them, due to the longevity and how repeatitive it becomes towards the end of the game, not to mention i disliked the focus on multiplayer on what i felt was a singleplayer game.

    Hopefully Assassin’s creed 3 drops MP, then i might get it for ps3, if not, i’ll wait for GMG to have an epic deal for pc

    • You should give them a try… There was a lot of trailers and marketing aimed at the multiplayer mode but it is not in *any* way ‘focused on multiplayer’. You can probably find Brotherhood fairly cheap now. Get it and play it and you’ll see that it’s much more than a multiplayer expansion pack. It’s basically everything that AC II was but “++”

      Seriously, you should give it a go.

  • you dumb people. they released AC:B and AC:R for Desmond’s side of the story, so they wouldn’t shove it all in AC3. I knew since AC2 that they were working on AC3, and it should be Desmond, they wanted to release Desmond’s game in 2012, relevant to the story line, so that’s another reason they gave us AC:B and AC:R

  • AC was a bit of a challenge AC 2 was also guide hard AC:B was easy as with combat AC:R they made stealth less hard and AC:III im not sure if it is goner be hard or easy I recon it’s gonner be easy

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