Aussie Nintendo Store -- Burgers And Balls

There's a tiny bit of an arcade theme to the downloads this week. The Virtual Console game on the 3DS was originally based on an arcade classic. The Wii Virtual Console game is an arcade game and the WiiWare version is a remake of an arcade game. The CRUSH3D demo spoils my analogy, though. Damnit!

3DS Virtual Console

Kirby's Block Ball (Game Boy — Nintendo - $4.50) It’s Breakout, but with typical Nintendo and Kirby flair. There are paddles on four sides of the play field and you can use Kirby’s abilities in the game. That's pretty neat.

Wii Virtual Console

The King of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo — D4 Enterprise — 900pts) The King of Fighters ‛97 (Neo Geo - D4 Enterprise - 900 Points). This is my experience with the King of Fighters series. I used to “play” them without sticking any money into the arcade machines in my younger days. That being said, if you're going to buy this one, you already know it.


BurgerTime World Tour (Monkeypaw Games - 1000pts) — BurgerTime World Tour (MonkeyPaw Games - 1000 Points). I love burgers of all kinds, be they beef, chicken, steak, then adding bacon, eggs and all sorts of wonderful sauces… but a video game about making them? I’ve never been too keen, I’d rather make one myself. Look into this one before you bite.

3DS Retail Demo

CRUSH3D (SEGA — free) Wouldn’t it be great if, say, a game was out this week, you could try a demo of it on the eShop? Well that’s what’s happened with CRUSH3D. Figure out if you want it before you put down the cash.


    Still no Kid Icarus from last week?

    Nintendo Australia have told me it'll be out April 1 now, due to their promotion.

      i got kid icarus last week?
      You know it's a promotion, right?

        Was that an AU promotion? Because I registered several 3DS games and didn't get any notification for it.

    Yawn...The Aussie eshop is so slow to add content

    No Sakura Samurai or Mutant Mudds? c'mon nintendo.

    Again, no VVVVVV. This will not pass.

    Kirby Block Ball looks fine I guess, but I'll just stick to my crippling Pullblox addiction for the time being.

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