Aussie Nintendo Store: Rolling Rolling Rolling

It's time to keep those doggies rolling, this week features both rolling and doggies on display on the eShop, are you man enough to download the Nintendogs+cats demo?

eShop Original Dillon Rolling Western (Nintendo, $15.00) It's the most expensive eShop title to date but this isn't a tiny little game you'll be able put away in a weekend. In the 'old days', Nintendo would have put this one to retail. You play as Dillon, a rolling Armadillo ranger who must protect villages in the 'old west' from invading rock monsters. It's a tower defence title, but not like you've ever seen before. I've been playing it for the past two days and although, because I'm left handed I can't do to well with it I am still enjoying it. Consider it!

eShop Demo Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo, Free) - Go on, download it. No one will think any less of you.

That's it on the Australian eShop, Wii Shopping Channel and DSi Shopping Channel for this week.

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    Yeah.. i don't know if i can bring myself to pay $15 for a downloadble title. I mean, it looks ok, but certainly nothing spectacular...

      Yeah, I agree. I saw the pricetag and thought it a bit steep. I've heard it has around 20 hours of gameplay though, has anyone (right handed) been playing it? Thoughts? Is it worth it?

    Seems like their sales of eShop games/software would go way up if they'd trim the prices on lots of the titles available.

    I find it interesting that people still think of downloadable games as only worth a few dollars, and not full retail price. (Although I think some discount as they don't even have to provide physical media should apply.)

    I buy most of my downloads off steam, are they different because many of them are full retail games that also have realworld boxed editions?

    And with Sony introducing a DL edition of most (maybe all, not sure) of it's PSV games are the days of download games not being as good as a physical game coming to a close?

    Oh and on a somewhat contradictory and maybe even hypocritical note, I don't like to purchase movies as DL only items. I really like to have a physical copy. Makes it a lot easier to watch a movie with my Brother when I go to his place.

    Note I'm not criticising anybody, I just find it very interesting.

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