Bastion's Narrator + Skyrim Makes For Wonderful Viewing


    Turn captions on for LULZ.

    Haha "one's been livin in the tall grass"

    for an Australian website it is interesting you always use American spellings.... i.e. the tag humour is spelt "humor". I've noticed lots of this on Kotaku. There is an option on your computer to set language to English (UK) or English (Australia).....

      This is actually because this is a post from the American Kotaku. The Australian Kotaku only has 2 writers, so they sometimes repost relevant posts from the US Kotaku.

      Australian posts can be distinguished by the Australian flag that is next to the author's name.

        We have at least 3: Mark, Tracey and Logan. There are a few others, but we don't see them much at all, unless Mark has been indulging in bacon milkshakes.

      Actually, they don't usually edit for localisation. There is a program that automatically localises terms like 'color' and 'favorite'. I guess it doesn't work for tags, who knew :P

    How is it that this is being played as the kid from the orphanage? Is it a mod, or something I missed?

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