Battlefield 3 Is Much More Interesting With Giants

YouTube user LiquidMyPhone found a very large soldier on the battlefield of Battlefield 3. We have no idea how to replicate this, but we would if we could.

Battlefield 3: WTF big guy glitch [YouTube]


    Lol at the bug eyes at 38 seconds.

      Snail Mario is staring into your soul!

    It should be a feature to prevent campers: for every 30secs you remain stationary, you double in size.

      and your camo gear turns into a Hi-Vis Safety vest (like on construction sites).

        DUDE! campers are so easy to deal with lob a nade and run in once you hear them shout "oh shit grenade". or just go engi and tube em. its SO EASY!!!

          Engi don't have tubes.

            Oh, you want to play semantics..

            If your definition of a tube is the m320 grenade auncher, then no engies dont have tubes.. MW introduced calling the grenade launcher a 'tube'.. not really a fitting description though, is it..

            RPG's or SMAW are actual cylinders in shape.. Do engie's have them? Yes, yes they do.

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