Believe It Or Not! A JB-Hifi Review

Every outlet should just hang up their hats and give up. There is no point in continuing. How can anyone continue to review games when JB-Hifi is doing such a stellar job of it?

As much as some people may think that Mark and I just camp out at JB in search for amusing reviews, we don't actually do that. Actually, I have maybe done it once. Today's JB-Hifi review was sent in by Kotaku reader NovaCascade. Believe it or not, guys! Believe it or not!


    Another classic.

    Which store was this one from?

    My local JB uses meta critic. So laaaaazy...

      Is that the one in Chermside?

        Nah, man. I'm a little further north so Strathpine's the closest for me.

          Yeah Strathpine never has anything... I still look every time, though.

    Hahaha nice.

    I saw a God of War 3 review in JB here in Adelaide that said "Kratos is an angry man who blames everybody else for his problems". I larfed.

    Every outlet should just hang up their hats and give up - Starting with kotaku :D

      Kotaku isnt an outlet...

        NEWS Outlet yes. RETAIL Outlet no.

          We are totes a retail outlet here let me sell you some beans.

            are they magic beans?

            I'll take 10

              Will you sell bacon milkshakes?

              Anyway, I love this. I love JB. I love these reviews. I love love.

    The JB reviews get a bit too much love I think. They're not that funny or clever... It's a marketing tool.

      Lighten up chuckles, it's a bit of fun.

      They can be both.
      It's nice when some companies remember games are about entertainment.

        Be nice if a few more posters remembered that too, methinks. ;)

      Let me guess Bullsh*t man, you work for a different games retailer?

      I love them. A lot of them demonstrate that at least one staff member has a clue about what they're selling. I'm well aware it's a marketing tool but it's one of the warmer ones I've come across.

      love the Karl Pilkington reference there :)

        what is the Pilko quote?

      I work at JB and I can say the few of us who do these write-ups think the joke's on the everyday customer. You really think we're going to give you a real review? Bullshit! Go Google it!

      With those prices, JB needs all the help it can get.

    the one at my local JB hifi was for Skyrim and i laughed so hard it said "i used to play other games but then i took askyrim to the console"

      Is joke is he played it on console?

    Uh Oh Zeldas!

    Hey, you ran it. Thanks Tracey. For those wondering, this was found at the store in World Square, Sydney.

    JB under TGV in sydney said for Uncharted 3: "You're searching for some kind of treasure, while you are chased by other dudes who want it"

    JB at Miranda had for Mario and Sonic London Olympics Wii - " Completely unrealistic game , the sky is set to blue"

    a personal favourite of mine from my own store (written by someone else)
    NDS Sight Training - after playing this for several years i can now see through time.

    Not gaming related, but my local JB (Miranda) had a review for Star Wars Ep I/II/III which read, "Far better than the original trilogy! Featuring classic characters "Jar Jar Binks" and "Count Dooku"

    My local one had one for the Lego Harry Potter which said "Lets be serious, you're only buying this to keep the kids quiet through holidays. 3/5"

    i spent 3 hours meticulously MS painting those custom graphics.

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