BioWare Fan Throws A Fit Over Mass Effect 3 DLC

A portion of the gaming community hasn't taken news of the day one DLC, From Ashes, for Mass Effect 3 lightly. Among them is Francis, who you may know from his many YouTube videos, rants and other oddities. He is not pleased with having to pay more for a complete game.

IT'S 10 AMERICAN DOLLARS, after all. Skip to 4:57-5:20 for my favourite part. And have a happy Saturday!


    Instead of spending it on games go buy a gym membership buddy.

      That's fairly ignorant. But anyways, Francis is one of his characters he plays on youtube, he puts on a lisp and does funny rants. He's talked a lot about his weight issues and stuff in his serious voice, worth a watch.

      It looks like if he worked out/lost some weight. He would eventually not need that CPAP/BPAP machine sitting next to his bead, since he wouldn't have that extra weight on his thorax increasing how much more work is required for each breath.

      I do like his work, but would prefer him to live a bit longer with less pain.

    "look what you made me do Bioware", you made me spill my drink :(

    That is brilliant!

    The large soda was an excellent touch.

    Have a happy saturday?
    Is saturday a special occasion now... ;s

    ..He's so round..

    I've seen this guy before going off about a Diabolo 3 Beta key (i think) - funny bloke.

    I KNEW I had seen this guy somewhere before!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

    Obviously doing a bit of "performing" for his youtube fanbase. I think he has some valid points though.

    Thing takes money to make games, if you love them so much why complain about supporting the people who made them...and I'm pretty sure Mass Effect 3 would have cost a shit ton to make...or maybe I'm just being biased as I'm about to graduate my video game design course and want to get in this industry :P

      Thing is, when EA takes an extra ten dollars from customers for stuff that arguably could have been included in the initial purchase price, that ten dollars that doesn't go to one of the middle-tier studios your likely to work at as a graduate.

      Yes, because poor old EA just doesn't make enough money as it is and isn't going to make a metric shit tonne of cash just from selling ME 3 by itself.

        That money doesn't go to just EA, they have employees who have families, employees who have put in a shit load of time and effort in to making a guy we all love! That money will also be going towards new games. Just hiring Seth Green alone would have cost them a lot. Sure we have to fork out some more cash but I feel the development team deserve it since they put in the extra effort. Hell they could have just said scrap it we'll stop at the main content and let the gamers come up with the Protheans, but no...they put in the effort to make more content which equals more work, which equals more money...I'm not a big fan of forking out my money, but if it's going towards something that people have worked hours for then yes, I feel it is justified.

        Or maybe I'm just being naive in that game companies such as EA really are evil and really don't care about their customers, and want to suck them dry of their money. It's a game company, they want people to have fun, they want to be able to award their employees who have put in the time and effort because nothing is stopping the fact that they could lose their success in the future...The game industry is cut-throat, they're just doing what they can to survive for as long as they can, and if they're making awesome games like this, then I want to contribute in what ever way I can

        Thing is, I'm most likely going to start an indie dev team so that I can create games the way I want and how I want. Then if my games becomes successful maybe, just maybe I'll work for a big game company, here's hoping I won't be since the higher-ups will be telling me what kind of games to make, with unreasonable deadlines. You see employees who work under EA probably go through a shit load of stress, and if a portion of that $10s goes towards them, then hell yeah I'll fork over another $10s to support their work, and future work, and so on...

    I love how he captures the essence of the angry, whiny nerds complaining about this non-issue. lol

      While I don't share the passion displayed in the video, I certainly agree with the message. It's definitely NOT a non issue.

        Yes it is. First of all, it's nothing to do with the main story. Involving a character from an extinct race will not ruin the entire game for not having it. You don't NEED it.
        Second of all, it's not like it was being developed at the same time as ME3. It's not like it so easily could've been put on the disk. Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of game development knows the game would've been feature complete and locked down months ago. There comes a point where content creation is stopped people get taken off the project (to be put on another project, or in this case DLC) while bug fixes and polish get done. Nothing gets added.
        Third of all, you think that ME3 wont be worth the price? You think you'll have wasted your money and the other thing that could've saved it was the inclusion of this DLC for free? We all know ME3 will offer great value, especially in this day and age of 6-10 hour campaigns.

        The ONLY slightly reasonable argument against this DLC is price, however we simply do NOT have enough information to decide that the content of this DLC doesn't warrant the price. People saying they're cancelling their preorder, cancelling their Old Republic subscription and vowing to never buy ME3 (yeah, like all those people that never bought L4D2) is the biggest crybaby tantrum I've seen in a long time. Not saying you're doing that, but people complaining about this "issue" need some perspective.

          This guy knows what he's talking about. Also looking from the dev's team point of view...It seems as though people who complain about this issue only look at things from one side of the story and need to grow up.

          I agree with the Pre-Order point. You should not be allowed to cancel pre-orders. So many of these nerds are so pre-order cancel trigger-happy. They will literally cancel over the slightest perceived transgression.

          I also agree with the day-one DLC point you made, these sorts of things get made in the time between the completion of game development and the release of the game, during which manufacturing and printing and all the rest is done. It's not stuff they had already that was cut out. At the same time though this is a worrying trend and there was certainly a "plan" in place to complete DLC for day one purchase in order to bolster their day one profits.

          EA is again getting dangerously close to the evil company they promised to not be a few years ago.

          However I can tell you now it won't be worth 10 dollars, that's just a given.

    $70 is still cheaper than what you have to pay in Australia. And that's without the DLC.

      I dont want to even know much much I paid for ME2 + all its DLC, Australian prices for games Is a far better thing for the Internet to rage about than the DLC.

    He looks exactly like what I imagined a ME fan looks like...

    Bioware has angered the Gabe Newell.

    I admire that Boogie is able to do his videos in a single take. Too many YouTubes jump cut schizophrenically to attempt to be funny.

    Any time Francis pops up I need to show EVERYONE this video.

    "He is not pleased with having to pay more for a complete game."

    Sort of a loaded sentence, but I'll forgive you for this video.

    I wonder what the actor's actual thoughts on the issue are.

    Commenting on that guy is fat has nothing to do with the topic. Someones appearance either fat, skinny, anorexic or a burn victim doesn't change the validity of their opinion.


      Nice to see Kotaku is continuing to heap shit on people who dare to get pissed off about garbage business practices. Making sure you're still buddy-buddy with your Publisher overlords? What score did Kotaku give DA2 anyway?

    I'm surprised he has the energy to be angry.

    Meanwhile in Australia,

    Collectors Edition is $130

    the fatty needs to use his energy to exercise and not whine about optional DLC that he doesnt have to buy.

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