BioWare Says Keep Your Mass Effect 3 Save Games

While speaking with Gamerzines, Mass Effect producer Mike Gamble suggested that "it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your ME3 saves."

"Obviously I can't say anything," he said, "but it wouldn't be a bad idea."

Rock, Paper Shotgun's John Walker had some fun with this, floating theories about the meaning behind Gamble's statement — perhaps the save-game code contains some Great Untold Secret! Perhaps it is because the code has become self-aware and this would be tantamount to murder!

Maybe this calls for a more detailed analysis of Gamble's language. After all, "It's not a bad idea to keep your saves" is different from "It's a good idea to keep your saves." It's not a bad idea — if it were a bad idea to keep your saves, Gamble would have warned us. Therefore, we can conclude that it is safe to keep our Mass Effect 3 saves, that they won't corrupt or destroy our hard drives. Also, is it ever a bad idea to delete save games? Maybe he just means that it'll be good to keep in them in case we ever want to play Mass Effect 3 again.

Or, you know, it could just be that EA and BioWare are planning to make more games in their hugely successful, rapidly growing video game franchise rather than arbitrarily ending it forever after the third game. Time will tell!

Hang on to your Mass Effect 3 saves, suggests BioWare [GamerZines via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


    DLC dénouement?

    Could mean a game not based on Shepard, but set in the world (s)he's had an affect on??

    So how do we roll our ME saves from the Xbox 360 to the new console? If thats what they have planned.
    I wish I could use my ME1&2 Xbox saves on my PC. Then I would definitely get ME3 for the PC.

      Yeah that'd be pretty cool. Should be pretty easy for them the implement.

      I wonder if CD Project Red will look into this for people who played Witcher 1 on PC but want to Xbox their Witcher 2 experience.

      I recently just preordered mass effect 3 on the PC.. even though both ME1 and 2 were played on the xbox. Just looking at the difference in graphics, mods etc. was compelling enough for me to change.

      There is a website called or something.. you can download other peoples saved ME1 & 2 Games from there. Only reason I made the change. You should check it out.

    There's been talk of more Mass Effect universe games in the future. Why not the future of your Shepard? Or why not Zoidberg?

    This is them saying "it might happen. Maybe not. But future games might use data from Mass Effect 3." It's not a confirmation, really.

    Bioware confirmed years back there would definitely be ME games beyond 3. They just wouldnt be about Shepherd directly. I love the idea of a persistently affected universe based on your actions carrying over :)

    another trilogy game that goes beyond the trilogy.....who would have thought....

      When Mass Effect 2 came out we were told that Mass Effect was Shepard's trilogy, not the Universe's. Shepard won't appear again, but the world will, which is awesome! :D

      It'll just be a trilogy in 4 parts ;)

    Obviously DLC

      They will give us a shit tonne of it. All really cheaply made. Reaper Mass Effect is what I am most looking forward to.

    and then the milk another game series until its dead. inb4 COD 2.0

    You'll be able to export your Shepard to the new Mass Effect Sims expansion - now that the galaxy no longer needs saving, you can focus your efforts on the "story" surrounding your "relationships".

    I'm betting it will be cross promotion, much in the same way playing the Kingdom of Amalur demo rewards an item for Mass Effect 3

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