Bioware: We May Tell Additional Mass Effect Stories In The Future

Bioware's greatest achievement with the Mass Effect series may be one of universe building. In a conversation I had with Casey Hudson before the release of Mass Effect 2, he insisted that the world of Mass Effect came first — before the art, before the assets, before the story. Now that we're approaching the end of the Mass Effect trilogy, Bioware is suggesting there may be room for more stories within that universe.

"[W]e've spent a lot of time building the IP and building this amazing world," said Producer Michael Gamble, in an interview with CVG. "We don't have anything to announce, and ME3 is the end of Shepard's story of course, but who knows? We may tell additional stories in the future."

I find it interesting: the investment in creating such a well thought out universe must have been huge for Bioware, and it's testament to its commitment as a studio that the team put so much time into universe building without really knowing just how much of a success the original game would be.

Interestingly enough, according to Casey Hudson, once a world is built in full detail, the stories almost write themselves. So I would not be surprised to see future games within the Mass Effect universe.

Mass Effect 3: 'We've brought back a lot of what was missing in ME2' [CVG]


    It was a given considering how successful Mass Effect is.

    It's kind of like Halo.

    MEMMO coming 2014?

      I would totally play a Mass Effect MMO

        A Mass Effect MMO with extensive space & planet exploration in a sandbox universe would make me hard.

          If that happened, I would be so happy. So happy. I would explode in happiness. So happy.

      As an expansion pack for their Star Wars MMO, maybe?

      Hell yeah, but please make it skill based, not stat based, ie closer to BF3 then TOR

    They built a great universe, so I'm looking forward to it.

    It'd be a little hard to do something post-ME3 unless they made it tiny in scope, but I'd love a prequel. There are 30 years or so of stories to tell before the first game.

    Um...this is news? Bioware's said this several time before.

    EA will keep pushing this cash cow until it's dead.

    Interesting you didn't use the quote that all the other journalists are using: "It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep your Mass Effect 3 Saves.."

      They posted that one last week :)

    I'd like to see another game set in the Mass Effect world that has nothing to do with the Reapers or existing Mass Effect story. An open world game that revolves around mega corporations, racial tensions, human expansion and inept governance would do more to flesh out the world than a prequel or sequel.

      Some sort of trade federation perhaps? And a taxation subplot.

    "We may tell additional stories in the future."
    Translation: EA will force us to make another one of these.

    I think that doing something on the Promethians would be interesting. Such as if there are any left running around after the events in ME3 and the council tries to help or hinder (depending on player choices) them. Hell, even something set waaaaaayyyy back during the Reaper V Promethian war.

    I do like the idea of the First Contact War though (That Teemo suggested that one). I just do not want to see another bloody MMO. Just keep pumping out GOOD quality single player games with a great story and fun game play. I would be very happy with that.

    Nothing wrong with leaping ahead a thousand years! Think like KotOR, except in reverse!

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