Black Ops 2 Reportedly Outed By French As This Year's Call Of Duty

French game site reported earlier today that Amazon's French digital storefront leaked details about the next instalment in Activision's blockbuster FPS series.

The site claims that a product page for the sequel to the 2010 Call of Duty title went live on and that, after they reported this, Activision France requested that the story be killed. When they refused, claims that the publisher blacklisted them, uninviting them from a Transformers: Fall of Cybertron preview event and pulling planned advertising from the media outlet. also claims that other sites that covered the story were coerced into pulling their coverage off the internet after similar threats by Activision.

It seems odd that Activision would come down so hard on media outlets for reporting a product listing when the gaffe was on Amazon's part. All of the above should be take with grains of salt. We've reached out to Amazon France and Activision and will update the story if we hear back.

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    As if we need another Black Ops.

      As if we needed another modernwarfare.

      I rather liked black ops to be honest.

        Black ops and MW3 were both shit, cod 5 and MW2 are better then both of them.

    Normally I'm one of the first to admit that I enjoy the CoD games but even I am getting a bit burnt out on the entire military shooter scene.

    Luckily there's a whole other world of gaming out there to turn to.

    My point? Uh, wait. I had something here....nope, it's gone.

    I haven't played any games for nearly a full year (self imposed hiatus) and even I have to say that I was feeling burnt out on CoD and such before then.

    No suprise here as long as it makes them money they will keep making this shovel ware

    Black Ops is a decent game, but was one iteration of a now-stale franchise. If they do something special with the setting, this could be good. If they just make the same game again, it won't be so good.

    looking forward to skipping this. skipped mw3 and couldnt have been more liberating ive actually started to get through my back catalogue.

    I am so sick of Call of Duty hate, then Call of Duty itself, we get it, its popular hence = you hate it, but popular =/= crap. Medal of Honor 2010 was crap, Homefront from Crap, BF3 SP was crap, Call of Duty MW3 was very good, in fact it was the most bang for your buck FPS to come out in years and was highly polished and looks very nice. Now sure its repeating itself and not much has chanced, but its a sequel, if Dark Souls was to completely change the formula and go faster and first person, in a less dark setting, well, yea its different but people would of got there shit in the fan and went crazy.

    Firstly, they aren't bad games, there are SO MANY WORST GAMES OUT THERE!!!!!. And Firstly if you dont like the game and continue to hate it you could at least STOP BUYING THEM!!!!, you are a joke if you do.

      While i personally though MW3 was terrible - the SP and MP both terrible, the only thing i liked for a while was the Co-op Survival and Ops Missions - I really enjoyed Black Ops and i have a feeling i am going to enjoy Black Ops 2. I always seem to enjoy Treyarchs entries more then IW's.

      But yeah i am also a bit tired of every story having at least one comment being COD hate, even when something might not relate to COD. Sure MW# was pretty terrible with unbalanced MP, terrible story and they managed to even make it more of a grind fest but there are some entries into the series that are at least enjoyable.

      lol at fan boy rage.

      Sticking to formula =/= not changing a bloody thing.
      I don't hate CoD cause it's popular. I hate CoD because it's become a rehashed, lazy, copy+paste yawnfest that's ruined a once brilliant franchise.

    It doesn't matter what the game is called, we know there will be another COD at the end of the year, the real story here is that Amazon FR leaked it, and emailed customers to pre-order it, etc...

    A website reported the Amazon blunder, Activision asked them to take done the story, website says no, Activision blacklist the website. The website hasn't done anything wrong, Amazon was the problem and I'm glad that all the major game sites are picking up on the story and also the fact that Activision blacklisted, it's just Activision being dicks again!

    Black Ops 2, gee never saw that one coming in a million years.Obviously a COD is cominig out this year and the MW series is finished and the original black Ops sold a truckload.

    I like COD games, they are mindless fun. I don't need deep mechanics or an interesting story for EVERY game I play. Sometimes I just want to kick back, relax and shoot a make believe gun at snot nosed teens or hardcore 20 somethings with an attitude problem. I find it rather enjoyable.

    I will confess I enjoyed quite a few of the new mechanics in BLOPS (multiplayer) and I am kind of looking forward to seeing them improved upon. However, in terms of single player, I'm still waiting for a proper (read: good) sequal to Call of duty 4

    Kotaku, I expect a massive leak from you guys *wink* ;)

    CoD needs a serious revamp to keep me interested, like Uncharted does. Whilst I respect the fact that what they do, they do extremely well, it's not really enough for me any more.
    I played half of BF3 and thought, "Oh no, it's exactly what I expected." I skipped MW3 cos I thought MW2 and Black Ops were, whilst "good" games, somewhat boring and repetitive.
    After the awesomeness of Bioshock, the openness of Far Cry 2, and the visuals of Killzone, I need something a little fresh and new.
    Black Ops 2 will be skipped also, I suspect.

    I don't think they would be missing out on anything.

    I mean my country bans heaps of games that everyone wants, MK9 for example, they won't ban that...shame.

    Black ops part 2 a must very fun game better thenmw3 I mean I like nw3 but black ops was awesome!!!

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