Blizzard Working On A Free-To-Play Game?

According to a report on Develop, World of Warcraft and StarCraft developers Blizzard are working on "an upcoming, as yet unannounced game" which will be based around a free-to-play business model.

It's unknown whether this free-to-play (F2P) game is Blizzard's famous "Project Titan" or a separate title.

To date, Blizzard's games have either been available at retail (ala StarCraft) or via a monthly subscription (ala World of Warcraft).

New Blizzard game 'to be free-to-play' [Develop]


    Already posted Luke, keep up would you.

      Do people not realise how this site works? There is a Kotaku AU and a Kotaku US. Kotaku AU re-posts items from Kotaku US but it doesn't always occur the other way around.

        It should work the other way around though.

        Plunkett of all people would know this was posted on AU already as he lives in Australia, he'd have access to the Australian site. There's surely a way to exclude a story from appearing on specific country sites.

    wouldnt there free to play game have to be blizzard dota its the only way it could compete with lol and hon.

    Yes I would think this is the Dota and it will be the same F2P to compete with HoN and LoL... wouldn't really call it F2P... more like Pay to be Pro.. P2bP... more you pay the more power you get.

      LoL is really "Free to Play" ... you could 100% compete at a pro level for free.

      Where they make money is paying allows some short-cutting on time (e.g. a double XP boost), as well as cosmetic benefits (character skins).


    free to play
    pay to level up
    pay even more for inventory space
    pay even even more for cosmetics mounts

    you all know where this leads to

    Just like any forum, there's a search button for a reason :P

    How about you f**king make Warcraft 4, instead of this greed driven rubbish?

      Because it'd be near to impossible to make it considering the lore introduced by World of Warcraft. Looking at the story line so far, what in hell would they use for a story line in Warcraft IV? The only antagonist left is Sylvanas, and they already did quite a story featuring her in Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

      Let's face it, World of Warcraft is essentially the end of the Warcraft franchise. It'll go on for another year or two and by then Blizzard will have a new flagship brand.

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