Bogus Pokémon Yellow Game Is Now Number Two On The Apple App Store

Early this morning, we wrote about the surprise appearance of a Pokémon game on Apple's iOS storefront. Y'know the one that's apparently a broken scam? Despite that, developer QEAB's Pokemon Yellow is sitting at #2 on the App Store's Paid Apps chart, right behind the fully-functional and actually-pretty-good Grand Theft Auto III.

When downloaded on two of Kotaku's iDevices the ersatz Pokémon Yellow crashed immediately. Viewers going to QEAB's website will see the following message:

If you are experiencing issues with Pokémon Yellow, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.

Thanks for your patience while we thoroughly investigate this issue.

We are working on a new build and we anticipate this will be completed soon, which should overcome the issue.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

Kotaku's reaching out to Nintendo and Apple for comment about this Pokémon Yellow situation.

[Thanks, tipster "Sean"]

Paid Apps chart [Apple]


    There are a lot of these getting around. Like the fake tamagotchi ap, and NO ONE notices the fact it averages 1 star review, and all the reviews tell you its a fake.

    Wow, that's still up there?
    Holy crap I just checked and it's number 1.

    Why the heck hasn't Nintendo cease and desisted this crap yet?

    further proof 90% Apple users are nubs *troll*

    Seriously though I was under the impression all apps have to be approved by Apple?

      i am in the full belief that there is corruption in the system. Because there are just too many clearly fake apps, even the screen shots are not out of the game at all. No one is checking this stuff.

      They're approved in a general "pass them through a filter, who gives a fuck about what the content is" kind of way.

      Make money first, ask questions later.

      The Apple filter is mostly there to filter even vaguely pornographic or sexual material. It's not capable of vetting based on stability or quality... which means none of the fun sex apps, but all the scams still wind up on the iOS appstore.

    How does something like this even happen? I thought Apple vetted apps before they went up?

      Only for offensive or pornographic material. Everything else is green lit, which is terrible considering how much effort Apple makes to shut down in-app purchases, to get their 30% cut.

      Tldr: Apple doesn't care unless it's porno or they're not getting paid.

    i think its been removed now lol

    The App store checking process is absolutely disgusting.


    If you want to see what the "app" really is you can check it out here:
    It is a web "app" made on appmakr.

      I went through the files within the app and found that link

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