Bored Soldier Recreates Modern Warfare Box Art

Note the "bored" was the words of Reddit user Travissimo, not me. I can't picture soldiers serving overseas having enough spare time to approach being bored, let alone bored enough to engage in box art cosplay. Of sorts.

But hey, he must have had a little spare time, because he does a damn good job here of recreating the box art for Modern Warfare 2, down to the correct equipment, clothing and stance. About the only noticeable difference is that Travissimo's finger is off the trigger, but then, that's how safety procedures roll in the real world.

Recreated Modern Warfare 2's box art while bored in Afghanistan [Reddit]


    I can't spot the difference...

    Yeah I don't know the box art well enough to tell which is the original.

      Well the left one has his finger off the trigger as Luke says so that must be the mock up.
      So yeah, damn good work.

        The left is the mockup, yeah. If you look at it closer (the reddit image), it's easier to tell.

    it appears that one has an m4 carbine while the other m16 a1/a2(not sure exactly which) correct me if im wrong im sure there are a few gun nuts here who cant spot the difference at 100 paces.

      oh yeah. the M4A1 carbine is my favourite gun and i didn't even spot it. shame on me.

        favourite... gun...?
        I really hope you mean in the game.

          What's the issue if Harli means it's his/her favourite gun in real life?

      It's safe to assume the original is a m16a1, since the game is based on it and the longer gun barrel.

      The other one is more tricky though since the M series carbines are very much alike it could be a m1a1, m4a1, m16a2, AR-15 however my guess since the guy is in the American military a safe guess is a AR-15.

        I thought the AR-15 was the civilian version.

    You can't imagine soldier being bored? Do you actually know anything about the military Luke? They don't lie around doing nothing, but they're hardly 'overworked.' I guess when your actual job involves trawling reddit and reposting stuff everyone must seem busy by comparison.

      But but but...I see in movies and's always action...never boring...are you saying hollywood and videogames are lying to me?!?!

        Reminds me of this:

        If only MW3 was like this...

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