Brainiac Falls And A Shocking New Threat Rises In DC Universe Online's Battle For Earth

Heroes and villains alike have been dealing with the vile machinations of that vile machine Brainiac since the launch of DC Universe Online. With the game's third major downloadable content pack his chapter finally ends and a new evil rises.

It's all coming to a giant mechanical head in DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3 and PC with The Battle for Earth. Players will be able to join forces in a massive raid aimed at ending Brainiac's reign of terror once and for all, taking on all three of his recently-completed Prime Avatars before the main event: Pile-on Brainy. The stage is set in South Gotham, where a Courthouse Alert and new Duos will see players cleaning up the streets as the Brainiac War escalates.

The battle even spills over onto Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira, where Chimeric Brainiacs herald a massive battle against his powerful Avatar of Magic. Players will do battle aside mythical beasts as the push Brainiac's forces back into the sea.

And then everything becomes calm and the game ends.

No! As in comic books, when one major villain is defeated another will rise to take his right place amongst the pantheon of DC evils. Who will it be?

Don't look at me, I have no idea.

The Battle for Earth also introduces a ninth power set to the game, Earth Powers, giving tanks and damage dealers alike brand new ways to rock the house.

Will Brainiac finally triumph? Not likely! Will thousands of players create new earth-based super characters? You bet your rocky little arse. When will this all go down?

Soon, my minions. Very soon.


    HA! rock the house

    i see what dirt there.

      *see what you dirt there.

      dammit!, ruined my own joke ,its just not funny when you have to correct it.

      I must be pumiced.

    Sweet! Still hoping an Aquaman update comes soon.

    Also, it's worth noting that this isn't free: you do mention it's major downloadable content, but you don't explicitly address this fact.

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