Breaking: Gabe Newell Grows Beard [Update]

Progress Score: Initially startling, but apprehension soon gives way to an appreciation of its wispy whiteness. Post-apocalyptic desert ranger meets Santa Claus. Most likely not a Half-Life Episode 3 tease.

Most likely.

Valve's Gabe Newell [Penny Arcade Report | Pic by Dabe Alan]

Most likely.

Valve's Gabe Newell [Penny Arcade Report]

UPDATE - Wow. This little thing generated some unexpected responses. For what it's worth, here's my $0.02.


    George lucas?

    Holy crap... it's like Robin Williams.

      Only like 100 kilos heavier

        A fat joke a day keeps Episode 3 away.

    My god. Look at him. Unkempt, greasy hair. Filthy beard. Squinty, unfocused, insomnious eyes. He has clearly Dota'd the entire past month.

      Bloody Hell I wish there was a like button for every single one of these comments! LOL

    I approve of the Gabeard

      I was going to say that!!! Good call.

      Beards are good.

    fuck me he looks like my dad

      Gabe Newell? LUCKY!

        DAMN IT dyslexia! "Your dad is Gabe Newell? LUCKY!"

    Cheers to the Aussie editor who was gracious enough to put the watermark back in after Plunkett didn't on the US one!

    Also... dat beard.

      Ditto. Throw Plunkett in a fucking fire, the piece of shit hack.

        Wow... you don't think that's a little harsh? Like, at all?

    Gabe can grow a beard.
    Gabe could come around to my house and kick me in the balls and he'd still be the best guy.


    Hahaha looks like the bad Grandfather from Packed to the Rafters played by John Howard!!!

    Lets hope all this unkemptdness is because he is hard at work on Half life 3-AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry couldnt keep a straight face, thats never going to happen.

    slow news week much?

      Read the linked interview the bearded photo is from. It's a great fucking interview and a crying shame Luke Fuckett didn't mention any of Gabe's fantastic views.

    He reminds me of Hugo Strange...

    He's.... aging D:
    Our Timeless lord is aging! Quickly! Someone convert his life force into Valve Time!

      Gabe is a Time Lord?

      awww shit.

    I think I like it

    The beard is teasing the difficult (or as some say, 'hairy') situations that Gordon Freeman is sure to find himself in in HL3. It's all a tease. It's coming any day I tell you.

    Gabe Newell has facilitated some of the greatest gaming experiences of my life, so he can grow whatever facial hair and be whatever fucking size he likes. The rest of you, intent on making snippy little jibes about his weight and his admittedly wispy beard, can fuck the hell off.

    I know you just wanted to get this up early, but just posting a beard joke while completely skimming over the actually interesting part of this article is a joke, it makes me seriously question where the websites values lie in journalism.

    I guess it was just too hard for Luke to read a 3 page article from one of the industry's leaders and get anything more meaningful than the title picture out of it.

    This "article" represents a new low.

    I'm glad I read the linked article, what an awesome read. And it unfortunately points out how horrible most US posts are compared to it. I'm not expecting an article like that every day, but I'm pretty sure nothing has even come close to that level lately.

    Except the AUS articles of course.

    You should consider having sex with a bearded man.

    Maybe he's doing the Worlds Great Shave? ....

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