BroShep Takes On His Own Conflicted Longings In Mass Effect 3 Screenshots

Hard choices are going to have to be made in the final part of BioWare's sci-fi trilogy and the screen above seems to pose one such crossroads. The look on the male Commander Sheperd's face here seems to say "How do I choose?" Maybe he could just buy them both Twisted Metal and see what happens… But, before there can be any slo-mo null-gravity space love, there must be shooting. And lightning storms. Mass Effect 3: Space Opera for our times.


    I swear I'm the only person who prefers Meershep over Haleshep.

      I don't mean this in an OHMYGODHOWCOULDYOUPOSSIBLYTHINKTHAT kind of way because my friend feels the same but I can't even begin to enjoy Meere's delivery. It's just soooooo...bland. :/

        I feel the same. I played all the way through ME1 & 2 as femshep, then randomly caught a scene of broshep on youtube, and was really surprised by how flat the VA was. I figured it might be just because I was so used to Hale's VA, and it might have just been the scene in question, but everything I've heard since of Meer's work on ME I've found a bit lacking.

        It's a shame, really. Broshep deserves to be voiced by someone who at least sounds like they give a damn. :(

      funny you should say that, i love the meer shep! The voice acting is great and it goes with the story so well. I have never liked the hale shep though. I totally can't see why people love her so much other than her being female in the games industry. Bro shep sounds fine, no he sounds great! True enough he doesn't sound like some brainless dude you would find in the shooter (which he shouldn't) but that just makes it all the better.

        I don't think it's a simple as that she's a female in the games industry. That's not exactly rare, even if it's less common. I mean, female Hawke in Dragon Age 2, for example? I liked the delivery of the sarcastic lines, I guess, but she doesn't stand out as anything special.

        I think it is a lot to do with Hale's VA, and of course it's always a matter of opinion and taste if you do or don't like it, as opposed to Meer. For my part, I loved the way Hale's VA went with the character - femshep uses all the same animations as broshep, so she does things like sit with her legs apart and whatnot, and it gives her this real no bull vibe. So maybe the female aspect plays into it insofar as she's not a girly girl and she's not running around with her breasts half hanging out of her armour. THAT, I admit, is much rarer. :)

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