Buy Your Own Life-Sized Portal Gun

The cake might be a lie, but this 1/1 scale Portal gun looks as real as one can get without being able to shoot holes in walls.

This Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is priced at ¥16,000 (US$208). It's from Neca, the famed replica and prop maker.

Back in July 2011, Kotaku reported that Neca was working on official Valve action figures as well as a replica gun.

Pre-orders started online this week in Japan for an April release.

ポータル/ ポータル・デバイス プロップレプリカ [Mamegyorai]


    i want one

    They are selling them at Gametraders! Pre-Ordered mine today!

    Awesome! But I would imagine that either the thing would be too heavy or brittle to be worth that much...but that's just me

    These have now been announced as an exclusive to Gametraders in Australia.

    Oh my GOD! Can we order these online? I can't find them on the Gametraders website, and there's no stores near me, I need one! I NEED ONE MORE THAN I NEED OXYGEN!

    Looks awesome!!!

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