Buy Yourself A Real Dragonborn Helmet

You've seen Dragonborn helmets made out of yarn. You've seen Dragonborn helmets made out of bacon. Both were awesome, but hardly practical. Now, this real Dragonborn helmet, you could crack some skulls with this.

This replica helmet is actually about as authentic as you could hope for, as the seller claims it was cast from the same mould used for Bethesda's life-size promotional statues.

There's only one available, and it cost $US300. That's a lot for a helmet, but what price Dovahkiin?

Real Skyrim Dragonborn Helmet Replica [Etsy, via technabob]


    But does it your knee armour rating? That is the real question.


      Ahhhh phoooiiiiieeee

        I don't understand why you and many others continue to persist with this tired old joke. It wasn't funny to begin with and it's even less so now. If anyone finds the above joke funny please reply to this comment.


            I think it's hilarious, no one cares if you don't find a joke funny, let us enjoy it.


          If you actually chuckle to "jokes" like this then I don't have any hope for your future. Some people just feel the need to mindlessly reference it for the hell of it, I'm pretty sure that by now people realise that it's notorious for being one of those stupid crappy internet memes that everybody just doesn't care about anymore. It's worse than those idiots who still reference Portal when someone mentions cake.

            I thought the point of a meme was that it does exactly this and becomes a notorious bad joke that everyone loves to hate?

              Sorry but there's no way anyone could see this helmet and NOT think of that joke!
              Could be worse, there are still people who make Chuck Norris jokes...worse than arrows and portal cakes combined.

            The cake is a lie!

            Look im sorry ok! But you walked into it and im tired and need so B grade humor to make me have faith in humanity for the next 12 seconds.

            Sounds like somone may have taken a something to the something.

              Also - it could be that different people might actually find things amusing that you don't?
              Maybe, just maybe, they have a differing opinion or sense of humor?
              Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with mentality, but rather an individuals perceptions and personality?


                Find me one person on this green earth who genuinely laughs at arrow to the knee as if it was an amusing joke with a well-developed punchline. Come on. NOBODY thinks this is funny anymore unless they just discovered it.

            I agree; the constant, tired references of exhausted internet and/or pop culture memes are agitating to the rest of who have chose not to buy into the hype for a cheap laugh. However, Skrim's guards are funny. Plain and simple. If you don't think so, well...

            "One of the guards said he saw a mage appear out of thin air. Claimed it was one of those Psijic monks. Man's been hitting the skooma, I say."

        I agree with Anon. Just stop.

    Any chance of a Daedric helmet plox, cheers

    Just so we are all on the same page I actually hate the joke, it was just fun to have the first post on a skyrim article devolve into a silly meme.

    that's kinda cool

    "as the seller claims it was cast from the same mould used for Bethesda’s life-size promotional statues."

    Proof? Or do we just take the his word for it?

    Horns are too small.

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