Call Of Duty: Police Warfare Is A (Very Cool) Fake

The Call of Duty franchise has covered almost every corner of the globe, from snow-capped mountains to the streets of suburban America. But it's never strayed too far outside of its military roots. What if there were a Call of Duty game that put you into the shoes of a different type of enforcer — namely, a law enforcer?

The video above proports to be "leaked internal footage" of an upcoming downloadable game called Call of Duty: Police Warfare. It's a fake. But it's a very convincing one, convincing enough that you wouldn't be a foolish fool if you were fooled by it.

The video goes into great detail about the cops 'n robbers gameplay and multiplayer modes, and burnishes its believability by saying that the game has been designed to be a downloadable title for PSN and Xbox Live. The announcer is appropriately macho and announcer-y, and there's even concept art. Concept art!

Hell, I dunno. Maybe Activision is listening. I for one would probably play the hell out of Call of Duty: Police Warfare.

I feel like they'd need to tweak the name, though…

Call of Duty: Police Warfare [Youtube - Thanks, Andrew!]


    "you wouldn’t be a foolish fool if you were fooled by it." Channeling Franziska Von Karma a bit Kirk?

      Only a foolish fool who foolishly had not stepped into the foolishly foolish footsteps of the fool named Wright would foolishly need that pointed out.

    Remember Police Quest: SWAT 3?
    That was a cool game. I especially like the Yell button.


    They're making a fake title, and they STILL use the same engine??

    Shoot for the stars people...

    The clip from Heat reminded me that this is a bit like Payday: the heist, which btw is an excellent game. I this looks super fun actually :)

    Where can I grab those concept images for the SWAT guys. They are cool.

    Lol i'd play it looks cool i hope that they actually take on making this game

    Them reload animations are excellent!

    do you get to play as pepper spray cop?

    There NEEDS to be a DLC where you can play as British coppers, running don the street in their ridiculous hats and blowing a whistle, that could be AWESOME

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