Capcom Explains Staggered Resident Evil 6 Demo Release Dates

The Resident Evil 6 demo for the Xbox 360 hits way before the PS3 version does. Capcom explained, "This was a strategic business decision." Oh? More in the link. [GamingTarget]


    Strategic Business Decision:

    Step 1: Take money from Microsoft
    Step 2: Warm yourself at night with all that money you got from Microsoft
    Step 3: Too late! You already Profitificated!
    Step 4: Knock off work early, you've earned it.

    I suppose the woman in the logo is also undertaking a strategic business decision.

    (I couldn't help myself. I'm on the Xbox so this doesn't affect me, really. But I can see itd be really annoying for PSX users.)

      Is a PC demo even planned? Probably not.

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