Capcom Losing Buckets Of Money

It's the hottest trend of 2012: Japanese publishers losing money hand over fist. Latest to join in is Capcom, whose sales are down 29 percent and whose operating income is down a whopping 47.2 per cent. [Capcom]


    they would be in better grounds if they release Monster Hunter (PS3) in the west as well.

    This is what happens when you denie us the real Megaman!

    If they stopped releasing bullshit then they wouldn't be doing poorly, but hey go ahead and re-release Street Fighter 4, again. I'm sure that will get you the sales you need. I can see at least 4 re-releases of that rubbish:
    Super Super Street Fighter IV
    Super Super Street Fighter IV TURBO
    Super Super Street Fighter IV TURBO REMIX
    Super Super Street Fighter IV TURBO HD REMIX vs Marvel.

    Whatever, it's all garbage.

    "Sir, our profits are tanking - should we release new and original games?"


    "I'm sorry Sir, I'll schedule another edition of Street Fighter and on-disc DLC"...

    Well, they got rid of all their clever game-creating staff, refused to localize the game everyone was looking foward to (Ace Attorney Investigations 2) and they've done nothing but release Capcom vs. X, Street Fighter and Resident Evil games for the last few years. I'm not at all surprised my once-favourite game company's going down the can. I'm kinda hoping, if this trend continues, they'll revive Mega Man Legends 3 just to try and make some money

      Good thing you're not going to be CEO of Capcom. AAI2 will not sell. I'd be surprised if it managed 100k units in the west. DS is dead as a platform. Only a niche audience actually plays the AA games and the majority will pirate it. Legends 3 is a similar case. Just a vocal niche as can be seen by the low demo sales numbers. Its cancelation came before the 3DS price drop too, when the platform really looked dead in the water. Releasing a niche game on a platform with a low userbase isn't wise. This is why Atlus always gets to the new/current generation so late.

    Localize Monster Hunter G3 already. All I'm sayin...

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