Check Out These Game Design Pitches And Docs

Ever wondered how the original Bioshock was pitched? How about what The Witcher's game design document looks like? Wonder no more because they're available for you to browse over at the Game Pitches repository.

Game Pitches is a site that archives game pitches and design documents. The documents are free for download and the site serves as a resource for game designers. All documents on the site have either been donated to the site or they have been released freely and publicly.

Among the documents listed include the game design documents for Grand Theft Auto 1, Leisure Suit Larry, Tron (1981), Fallout 3: brotherhood of Steel, and Grim Fandango. There are also pitches for Bioshock, Planescape Torment, and Monster Island, as well as scripts and technical documents.

Thanks to Dan and The Voxel Agents for sharing the link!


    Cool. Bit slim pickings though hopefully it will be expanded over time. Nonetheless should be a great resource for me for uni.

    Awesome to look at!
    It's cool seeing all the changes that went through GTA before it reached its final design.

    here is my pitch document for ZiGGURAT

    Bioshock was pitched with multiplayer. Wow

      Going to have to remember that next time someone complains about the MP in Bioshock 2.

      BTW, The Witcher's docs have been DMCA'd.

    In the EVE Online document on the site, they have footnotes citing wikipedia. O_O Why is CCP allowed to do that, but uni students aren't?

    mp for bioshock 2 was amazing peaple just wanted call of duty under the sea

    Wow, I wondered where the huge spike in hits came from! I'm the one that runs Game Pitches. I'm glad you all like it!

    The design doc for "Batman: The Animated Series" alone was well worth clicking that link. Fun lunch-time reading :)

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