Check Out Trials Evolution’s Customisation Options

Check Out Trials Evolution’s Customisation Options

This trailer for Trials Evolution twists the Darwinian motto into “Survival of the fastest”, and truly it does seem that it will be a more sophisticated beast.

Local and online multiplayer, diverse settings and a track editor scarily reminiscent of the possibilities unleashed by Little Big Planet… well, that all sounds pretty cool.


  • I hope you can customize your bikes a bit more, or even just the sound at least, I ride 2 strokes and love the way they sound but the only 2 stroke in Trials HD was like the Turtle or whatever it was called and pretty much useless on most harder tracks.

    • No sound customisation from what i’ve seen, but yes you can customise the bikes a great deal

      **SPOILERS I gues??**

      You are now able to individually customise individual parts of the bikes so you can paint the swing arm one colour, the forks another, the engine another and the frame and plastic moulded frame another… it looks like a really easy tool to use, but is heaps more funcitonal. Search Youtube for ‘Trials Evolution Garage’ to see it in action..

      Also the rider is a lot more customisable, as you will see in the same vid.

      • you could change all the paint of differnt parts in Trials HD and change the character a bit but nothing major, couldnt find that video you referred to.

        • Its a lot more detailed now.. Im at work so cant find the link.. Ubisoft were removing the videos recently because they were from pirated games…

          You might have to wait.. but trust me its heaps more in depth now.. for example there is a full colour picker instead of a few basic colours. and you can change the front and back wheel to be different colours if you want.. different spokes and things like that.

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