Chris Rock Could Have Been In Jak And Daxter

It is the year 2000. Comedian and actor Chris Rock is nearing the height of his powers. Sony's stable of video games, on the other hand, was not. Sure, the PlayStation had been a breakthrough, but the world-devouring juggernaut that was the PlayStation 2 was in its infancy.

So you can maybe understand why, when approached by Jak & Daxter developers Naughty Dog to appear in the very first game in the series to voice the character of Daxter, Rock turned them down.

The revelation was made on Twitter yesterday by Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin, who added that veteran George Carlin had also been approached to play the role of Samos the Sage.

What a difference 12 years make. Rock would probably jump at the chance now.

Jason Rubin [Twitter, via Game Informer]

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    Isn't he doing some narration for some terrible Comedy show now, yeah I guess he would definitely do it if offered today.

    "What a difference 12 years make. Rock would probably jump at the chance now."

    uhh, yeah, maybe?

    Sounds to me like you're trying to imply that he's unsuccessful or something and needs a VA job to lift his game, but Chris Rock has been successful in almost all of his projects, and is consistently ranked among the greatest comedians in the world.

    Maybe do some light research before dishing out the low-blows, yeah?

      Yeah I think you've read WAY too much into that statement.
      Some people are just determined to be offended

        As Deadman said before me, you have most certainly read way too much into this. How long did it take you just starring at the screen trying to analyze this article and construe it into an offensive manner?

        It's obvious Luke wasn't insinuating anything negative against Chris.

    That woulda been pretty cool actually

    I don't think he's having a go at Chris Rock I think its more of a statement on how far games have come since then. Do you think 12 years ago Martin Sheen would have said yes to being in a game.

    Glad he turned it down - cant stand his voice, on the other hand - Hope they bring the HD collection to Vita!

    Chris rock certainly is irritating

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