Commander Shepard, You're Looking Awfully Dangerous Today

Theo Stylianides is a concept artist working in London for Opus Artz, a studio that's provided content for series like Dead Space, Infamous and BioShock.

Today, though, we're looking at Theo's personal project, Helldiver, which he describes as "pretty much sci-fi-inspired super soldiers selected from the best military forces in the world, brought together to fight against an enemy trying to exterminate humanity".

While for the most part Helldiver is a pet project, consisting entirely of Theo's own designs, there's been an occasion or two where he's dabbled in some fan art by blending their unique style with that of stuff like Mass Effect (above) and Star Wars.

You can see more of Theo's art at his DeviantArt page.

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    Nice. One of them reminds me so much of a grey knights terminator

      He's got some pretty awesome 40k work up on his CG portfolio gallery

      Though he does take some liberties with weapon designs and loadouts. So if you're a cannon nut you may rage.

    Again, cut-off pictures. Fucking Kotaku.

    wow......these need to be in mass effect!!!!!

    and the SF3D ones are bad ass too :)

    Loving the animal theme.

    Turtles make slick mechs...

    I don't get how these are Mass Effect... Draw something and call it mass effect related?

      It is called concept art... not all of it is used in the final product but is still contracted by and owned by Bioware. Notice the N7 badging on the armour suits? Thats Mass Effect.

        That was pretty much my point. Slap on some N7 stickers and suddenly it's mass effect? And from what the article says, it's not contracted and owned by bioware, it's this guy's personal project.
        I'm not having a go at the art, it's amazing, but if I draw random mecha things and slap N7 on them it doesn't make them Mass Effect. These don't 'in my opinion' fit in with the Mass Effect style. But of course, you are welcome to a different opinon.

    Daaaammmnn! Would love to play ANY game that contains those designs.

    Okay, Bioware, no more Robocop movies until you're DONE with Mass Effect. Pleasure is spilling into work in a possibly BAD way.

    I can see CAIN/ROBOCOP 2:

    And one of the prototypes:

    In the above.

    (Also, WTF is with Space Pyramidhead?!)

    Maximum Badass level achieved.

    Looks like someone was watching The Hurt Locker. Got a distinct look of a modern military grade bomb suit. Still looks awesome!

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