Community Kudos

Community Kudos

[imgclear] So my bloody apartment got flooded last week, and it’s still bloody leaking! That’s my weekend ruined but what the hell, it’s time for Community Kudos.

Man, so many noms. So many. I remember, when I started doing Community Kudos, I’d get a couple of noms each week — and one of them was always from Strange! Sometimes I used to go trawling through TAY checking for awesome thing people did for one another.

Nowadays? Going through the entirety of TAY would take three full grown keyboard monkeys a good afternoon! It’s a real testament to how fast this community has grown, and how quickly. It’s also great to see that we are welcoming in new folks to the fold, while still retaining the friendly, generous, super awesome vibe the Kotaku community has always had.

And don’t worry — we’re hearing you. Talk Amongst Yourselves is almost becoming too large, too difficult to navigate. This is something we’ve been across for a while, and I know our very own Ben White is currently working on a way to make our comments system more manageable and more workable for everyone. All the suggestions people have made this week, or in the past, has been taken on board! Thanks for your help everyone.

Anyways… TO THE NOMS!

Early in the week it appears there was an early spate of noms for Bish. On Monday alone I had three people nom him because Blaghman told them too!

What is this? What’s going on here? Maybe I should let Blaghman himself explain…

Why? Oh, Mark, you so silly, isn’t it obvious? No? Well, as you’re aware, Bish is a pretty rad dude, he’s always helping people, and being friendly, and stuff like that(and he doesn’t even let his “not-normalness” stop him). So just for that alone, I feel like he’d deserve Kudos. However, I’m pretty sure last time he got it(which may have been his first time, I’m not entirely sure), he got it only through default. Since there was no-one else really to get it, and he’s consistently awesome. But no, I have a reason this time, something more. Something greater. As you may be aware, I hosted a Can’d Meat on Saturday night, great times were had, much slightly intoxicated dancing was done. And the whole thing ran silky smooth. Not through my efforts of course, I was too busy being worried about being surrounded by people, and worrying that people might not be having fun. But Bish? He corralled the Jello-kitten TAYbies, he made us food, he made us more food, and he spent the whole time being awesome. Also, food. Did I mention that?

Bish also received a nomination from Scree — she also nommed the Bishinator, but her nom was completely independent of the Blaghman campaign. Her nom was for Bish giving her a copy of Dustforce, but she also said something else that struck me…

While this isn’t a nomination as such, I would like the entire TAY community to know that they are the nicest bunch of people on the internet.

I feel like I’ve known the Taybies years, not months. Even when I’m spamming up TAY everyone puts up with me. Most places on the internet are filled with awful people but Tay and even Kotaku is an exception.

Thanks Scree!

Man Bish really did get a lot of noms this week. Another from Ginger Chris and one from Frejr, our resident Doctor . Also — it’s Frejr’s birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHAMADAY!

And speaking of ‘Doctors’, Jimu Hsien (remember that guy? He’s back… in pog form) nominated Dr What for being a spreadsheet Nazi! Oh Jimu…

Shane also racked up a number of noms for being awesome as usual, but mainly for establishing this incredible body of work! Thanks Zap and Matias for those noms.

Greenius dropped his first nom, and wondered if he was doing it right. He was so doing it right.

He gave noms to GingerChris86 for gifting him games on Steam, Zap for being an all round boss poster, Bish because Blaghman told him! He also dropped another massive group hug of a nomination…

I’m sure I’ve said thanks inside TAY (if not then I’m sorry!) but since this is my first Community Kudos nomination I’d like to publicly thank everyone in the Community for being so kind and welcoming to an outsider like me. You’ve made me feel welcome, played games with me, given me freebies and even nominated and gave me Kudos and for that I am very grateful. Thank you!

Chuloopa regaled me with his tale of trying to find a $4 copy of Splinter Cell on the PSP, and the massive help he received from the community in his endeavour. He gave particular shout outs to Freeze S Preston for actually buying and sending him the game, Scree for hiring an army to help find it, and Lamboman for having a solid look for it in his area.

Strange received two noms, basically for doing what Strange does best, her ability to cut right to the heart of issues and post respectfully. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Strange. She is the nicest. Thanks to Matthew and Zap for the noms.

Zap also nommed McGarnigal for his “continuing high level comment contributions within and outside of TAY”. I agree.

Man, I think I’ve gotten them all — once again, sorry if I missed any!

And the winner? Well, I think the people (only slightly encouraged by Blaghman) have spoken. CONGRATULATION BISH! I WUV YOU!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


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