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This was the week where I mostly stayed at home, played Skyrim and nursed a nasty does of the shingles — but I managed to make it back in time for Friday and Community Kudos!

Well, this week started off with one of those — 'IGNORE ALL THE KUDOS NOMS FOR ME I DON'T WANT KUDOS' emails. Typically these come from Fatshady or Chuloopa, but this week said email was from Trjn.

But guess what folks — I can't ignore the voice of the people! If someone nominates you, it must be taken seriously. I am but an arbiter for the people! AND THEIR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!

Oh, and Trjn actually did some nominating himself — for TheLastQuestion, for being all advicey and stuff. And by that I mean giving good advice. Did the shingle fry my writing brain? Most probably.

Actually TheLastQuestion got a hefty chunk of noms — from Freyr and Jo to be specific. Both noms discussed his gentle caring manner and completely boss way of dishing out advice.

Chuloopa dropped another early nom with an email that began with a warning.

I hope the scurvy is starting to go away now! That'll teach you for: a. Boarding a priate ship b. for not eating enough oranges.


Chuloopa's noms were for BDKIAF and Rocketman, for giving him a 3DS game. You guys really are awesome. Chuloopa wanted you to know that he really appreciated the extra bubble wrap. I don't want to know what he did with it.

Oh, what's this in my inbox? Another nom for BDKIAF (what does that stand for? Oh... I just googled it! I thought it was Big Daddy Kotaku In A Fridge, turns out I was wrong). The nom came from Shane, who also lionised BDKIAF's penchant for generosity!

Shane also informed me that 'Snake' was an anagram of 'Sneak', which blew my simple, simple mind.

Myself and Scree have something in common — we both had rubbish weeks. She wanted to thank a bunch of you guys for helping her through it: Blaghman, Bish, Virus__, NovaCascade, TechKnight, Lamboomann007, Rize, Freeze S. Preston Icequire, Trjn, and Shane. Great job guys.

I received a quick nom from Notorious R — for Rize, who gifted him a copy of Killing Floor on Steam.

The final nom I received was pretty confusing. Can someone kindly translate?

If Freeze S Preston Icequire were describe the Kudosity of this week he would use the word Irrigational.

I have 3 Noms today. Why 3? Pi, that's why.

Let's see here. I have a turquoise ellipses nom for Trjn for being a handy fellow and helping a few people including myself.

Here's a viridian rhombus nom for Shane/Fabio for being so damn dreamy.

And finally a burnt sienna trapezoidal nom for the word filter for forbidding discussion about Dick Smith.

Till next time have a porcinely ambiguous day.



Also — on the filter note, just quietly, we sort of nuked it. SHHHHHHHHH! Play nice everyone and hopefully no-one will notice!

As for the winner? Man, it's kind of a tough one, but I'm going to call it for TheLastQuestion!

Congrats mate, and have a great weekend everyone!

STOP PRESS! I just this second received a nom from McGarnical directed at Puppylicks for posting this in TAY. As McGarnical said in the email: "you know he's earned it."

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    That was a nom for Puppylicks, by the way!
    Made. My. Day.

      Note to all: Community Kudos is a weekly prize awarded to a Kotaku reader for doign something (or many things) awesome for the benefit of one or many members of the community. It doesn't have to be a big thing (hell, one week, Chuloopa won it for having a penile defect. True story).

      To nominate someone for Kudos, email [email protected]

        Or Tracey Lien. Same email addy format.

    If I ever get a cat, I'm putting paper spectacles on it.

      Number of times I've watched dubstep cat today? Oh, only about 14.

      i have SERIOUSLY watched this SO MANY times today!!!!

      Congrat LASTQ! :D

      Best Tay page EVER!

      Great week, ladies and gents! :D


    Worthy Omnom win, I'd say.
    Last Question, you're a champ.

    Although, BDKIAF, man that guy.

    You're the best, around!
    Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!

    What I said was that any nominations for me about the whole helpfulness thing should go to The Last Question because he was actually helpful :p

    And he deserves this one. Well done.

    lamboomann007?? What is this I don't even? :P
    Congrats TheLastQuestion! I hope your shoulder gets better soon. :)

    Yes, well done, friend. A dexterous contribution of a commendable nature, as it were.

    Well done, you.

    Alas, such victory has escaped me from the earliest of morning to latest night; stranded and alone here at the community theatre, penning the companies latest production.

    To despair and downfall, alas, this week transpires and even dismay itself may soon abandon me now as all but my last companion upon the eve of a dire week’s most final end.

    And tasked to write the stage production for Top Gun as a courtesy to the amateur dramatic society was of no consequence, or so it seemed; the very least I could do.

    But to play Maverick? A step too far. A last minute decision, as it were, put me in the lead role, and unable as I was to convince the director to the contrary, there is to be no remedy for this sudden and irreversible turn of events. Are you familiar with the point of no return?

    How I have fallen.

    To become Top Gun hero Maverick is a method of transformation not apparent since De Niro’s Travis “Taxi Driver” Bickle, or maybe even Jake La “Raging Bull” Motta. The Raging Bull. Or a taxi driver broken in his own loneliness and driven to a misshapen sense of righteousness and skewed justice behind a city tilting and listing dangerously on an axis of malfunction upon the flotsam and jetsam of a metropolis of everyday mayday and shipwreck.

    And - to uncover in a moment my torment as some rolling and surging riptide beneath summer blue ocean - how does one step back from the “dangerzone”?

    What is there left for those who live a life most fleeting and undone in the very “red line overload” only dreamt of in the imaginings of Kenny Loggins and other men lost in lust and wonderment of what it is to push “metal under tension” on some kind of metaphorical “highway to the dangerzone”?

    I’ve seen it, and I’m not sure I like what I saw. To step back - if only for now - to imagine how it was Tom Cruise left behind the Maverick of his creation; we forgive him now, we ask no questions of his jump-suited methods or motivations for a character that would capture, of all things, an inescapable and intoxicating brand of masculinity not seen since mountaineer George Mallory pushed closer still to Everest’s “death zone”, 8,000m, 260,000ft: too high, too far beyond the edge to outrun the ghost of man’s mortal end.

    Mountaineer’s and men of tall stories know the cold-hand hold of the Reaper too high into mountain pass. And it is the musings of charlatans, treacherous men and scoundrels who question, around and around in circles, of Mallory’s capacity to climb the jagged and monstrous second step upon the North Ridge where men see not possibility but downfall inside introspection and doubt.

    To measure verticality in the fear of brave men is perhaps to understand of the North Ridge over and above men who think with a more metric or imperial frame of reference.

    What did Mallory want to find at Everest’s summit? Destination most final at the journey’s end? But of course destination is but written in sand on shifting tides, a familiar shape imagined inside a cloud, fairytales told to sailors as promise of dry land and a sunshine finish to darkest days.

    What when the curtain closes on the amateur dramatic society’s stage production of Top Gun? What then? To hit the brakes, step out of character and watch Maverick fly right by? What then? How does one return from their Everest?

    To dream of the jungle, but wake up in Saigon. To invent a world and your place in it only to leave it all behind like sand castles, summer holidays and memories faded unto blank canvas like a tangerine-sunset setting fast behind an all too sudden vanishing point.

    Tom Cruise trapped inside Maverick, De Niro still deer hunting. Identity as fallen statues and monuments to a past tense.

    Who I am? Forgotten behind what I have become and no turning back. Every journey complicit to a very real line beyond which all that remains is a very real point of no return.

    Maverick now everything I am and every moment of my most complete discontent.

    It is farewell too close to opening night and the angst complicit to this. But, all the same, to forget of such things is to remember of weekend possibilities.

    Travel well,

    Kipperton Beaumont.

      Smoke me a Kipperton, I'll be back for breakfast.

    Also - for those who might not have seen it - a very big Kudos to Tonmi 'Beast' Lillman, the awesome drummer from the AWESOME band, Lordi!
    Unfortunately he's rocking out in heaven now... Or hell... Or Valhalla... wherever..

    Tags made me lol heartily.

    Congrats TheLastQuestion!

    Congrats LastQ. Also Freeze, you still have .14 of a nomination. You saving that for another week? Just be grateful it wasn't Phi or the filter would have missed out.

    Thanks guys! I was just stoked to be able to help Rocketman in his time of need.

      I've unfortunately not kept up with TAY so I lost track of how that all was panning out. Well, I hope!

    Grats to all \o/

    and thanks to Scree, even though I said no to the noms D= lol

    Where is Zap's nom? seriously, the guy was the sole voice of reason when nobody else was game enough to be. He gets my vote.

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