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Man, I have a headache. I've decided to try and stop ingesting caffeine and now it feels like there's a small rodent in my skull, eating the left side of my brain. Oh, and it's time for Community Kudos!

I started writing this an hour ago, then got distracted by a meeting. Now it's almost time to go and I have to start writing... OH MY GOD the stress!

I'm almost glad that this may be the least nommed Kudos of 2012 so far. Last week saw a blistering amount of noms, but this week? A little more quiet.

First nom was from The Notorious R, who nominated number.30.five — apparently this guy was dishing out free games on Talk Amongst Yourselves. Bloody hell. Apparently you're a 'crazy nice guy'.

Joel also nommed number.30.five for similar reasons.

But what the hell is with the name change number.30.five? I didn't recognise you at first!

The Bishinator also dropped by with some noms — to Strange for being "a rad dude". Man, I wonder how she'll react to that! Apparently Strange did that thing she always does all the time — be nice to people.

Strange herself actually dropped by with some noms of her own — one which I thoroughly agree with...

So without further nonsense I give you my nomination for Kudos: Zap.

Why? Too many reasons, let's just go with that Zap is not afraid to speak his mind in a firm but polite manner. :)

So we're all agreed — Zap is awesome.

Zap is awesome, but this week I'm going to have to give the Kudos to number.30.five, or the artist previously known as #35. Congrats! And have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.

EDIT: How could I forget — I got an awesome nomination from Puppylicks for Batguy, for this awesome, awesome comment!


    Congrats NUMBERS! :D
    Much deserved!

      Silly Loops, #35 isn't Numbers. Numbers is Numbers. #35 is a number.

      I don't know how you'd confuse the two.

        Because he is loopy hahahaha B grade puns...='( i need a hug.

          Have a link to one

            Cheered my right up, thank you. Loved the B grade pun =D

    Heya fellow caffeine-withdrawel headache guy!

      Don't worry it will pass eventually. Followed of course by giving in and having "just one oh so delicious cup" next week, starting the cycle again.

    I nominate myself for this *awesome* hot milo and many many MANY marshmallows I just made... its the most om nom nom nom hot drink on a cold rainy day to ever yeh... who wants one?

      Me, please! It's perfect hot marshmallowy drink weather.

        Ok that's 36000 xbox live points please.... credit card details cannot be recommended to be secure however...

          You know what? For home delivery in this weather I'd almost be willing to pay that. :P

            You know what, I work for Pizza Capers as a delivery driver atm, youre talking to the right guy ;) LOL

    Nice one #35! You deseve it for, above anything else, liking Brink.
    Pease out!

    holy hell! thanks guys :D :D :D

    @the people who wanted games, they were sent yesterday, so hopefully you'll get em if not today, then Monday. and I should probably post that in TAY too...

      Congratulations! I would have nominated you but I was certain other people would be as well. Thank goodness they did or I would have felt bad! :)

        thanks Strange :)
        you may have missed the thing I posted in TAY a few days back , but you sounded interested in Borderlands on the PS3. yours if you want it.

          Ah, I was going to ask you if you had received my email but I guess that's a no. :P

            Unless you're the one offering me a Nigerian prince's inheritance, I've got no emails from you, I'm afraid.

            number.30.five[at]gmail[dot]com if you wanna try again.

            Unless you're the one offering me a Nigerian prince's inheritance, I've got no emails from you, I'm afraid.

            number.30.five[at]gmail[dot]com if you wanna try again.

    BAH! I totally forgot to send my nomination in shit >.<

    Grats though all!

      I am not sure Mark would appreciate being sent poop in a parcel.

        I'm sure they accepted a review copy of Medal of Honour...

    Thank god, I forgot to nom #35, and only remembered when I came home to a brand new game! *headdesk*

    Well, looks like y'all can manage without me. Congrats dude, and thanks!

    Congrats... also LOL'd hard at Trjn's comment above in reply to Loops.

    OMG I saw Serrels and Tracey yesterday

    This site has been RUBBISH ever since Serrels took over. I used to visit daily now its more like monthly because there is NEVER interesting articles.

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