Counter-Strike Gets Some Serious Competition This Spring

This Spring sees the release of Tactical Intervention on the PC, a game noteworthy because its development has been led by one of the co-creators of Counter-Strike. So the fact the two games look similar is no coincidence.

Former Valve staffer Minh Le, who has been working on the game in Korea for a few years now, will be publishing the game in North America through OGPlanet, with a beta to kick off next month.

While Valve's own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an iterative update to the venerable old franchise, Tactical Intervention looks far more ambitious, including some unexpected stuff like driving sequences.

Tactical Intervention launching in spring 2012 [Neowin]


    Eh looks a bit meh to me.

      counterstrike is a bit meh too, to be fair

    Driving sequences suck though.

    Looks more like competition for Rainbow Six than CS.

    I'll give it a look hopefully its good. I reckon it's got potential. worried about CS:GO atm. doesnt look that great and bit disappointed heard somewhere its going to be match making hopefully that was a lie.

    NA-Only. Guess us Aussies aren't welcome.

    It looks horrible.

    Also that OGPlanet logo looks extremely familiar or similar to another gaming logo, but I can't put my finger on it

    Reminds me of old school CS around 1.4, the maps back then were more like the trailer. I don't think it'll be a massive hit but who knows... we need a better trailer and some proper gameplay footage to judge it properly.

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