Crush 3D Will Frustrate You, In A Good Way

Crush 3D is a game that makes full use of the 3DS's three-dimensional capabilities by producing platforming puzzles difficult enough to challenge the most die-hard of platformer fans.

The game's "crushing" mechanic has the player switching in between 2D and 3D at will, crushing and collecting as they try to navigate to the exit of each stage. Don't think it'll be a walk in the park, however. Crush 3D is difficult. But it's the good, rewarding kind of difficult. The kind that lets you sit and marvel at your accomplishment after it's been completed.

If you enjoyed the old PSP version of Crush and you own a 3DS, keep an eye out for Crush 3D, out on March 6th in the US.


    I don't have a 3DS, but this game would make me buy one... but I'll wait and hope for a Vita port! :)

      Me too! Have you seen the link about how the Vita will be doing 3D much like the puzzle books of old - where you just go crosseyed and then everything appears in 3d - Takes some practice at first but when you get it its awesome.

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