Dead Space's Navigation System Is Now A Reality

If Dead Space is to be remembered for one thing, it should be its navigation system, where pressing a button triggers an illuminated "path" in the game world showing you your destination. I don't know if it was the first game to do this, but it was certainly the first to do it so prominently/so well.

That system is now working, albeit in a very crude form, thanks to work done by MIT's Media Lab, which using a phone and a projector has built an in-house guide to...everyone's desk.

While the walking around bit isn't as nice as video games have managed, the way it changes when you point it at a door is a great idea that developers should totally steal.

Guiding Light brings video game-style navigation to the real world [The Verge]


    Okay thats pretty damn cool, way better than a line in the environment.

    Dead space certainly did it better than Fable 2 which was the only other game I'd seen do a navigation helper as an in-world phenomenon at that stage (not sure which was released first but I played fable 2 first)

    But, nobody used that to navigate their way to their location. They used it by switching between different destinations for a SWEET RAVE PARTY!

    Umm I believe perfect dark had that before

      That is never really the case though man, Dead Space is more notable for having the feature, just the way it works.

    The implications for this are nothing short of brilliant. Hospitals would benefit in a *huge* way from something like this... having worked at one for years I can't begin to say how much this wouldve helped.

      Can't wait to get it in airports so I actually know where I'm going for once...

      Yeah, can't see any complications resulting from a bunch of people walking around in a public place staring intently at the screens of their mobile devices instead of where they're going.

    mix that with electrochromatic glasses and it would be incredible... when are the google glasses released???

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