Designer Of Two-Flipper Pinball Has Passed Away

Steve Kordek, best known for revolutionising pinball by adding those bottom two flippers that you can find on just about any machine nowadays, died Sunday. He was 100. [The New York Times]


    A shame but he had a damn good run.

    Although with the traditional exaggerated figures in pinball you'd expect something less like 100 & more like 360000000000

    RIP - Steve Kordek. The fun I had with pinball machines would, literally, not be the same without you.

    No replay @ 100??? - Thanks Steve. if ihe added the two flippers, what the hell was there before?

      For those who couldn't be bothered reading wiki.
      The answer is nothing. The only skill in the game was the force of the plunger (for plunger based pinball tables) and the ability to tilt without knocking the tilt sensor too far.

    I haven't played a pinball machine in over 5 years.
    That was when the new owners of my local fish'n'chips got rid of the KISS machine as part of their renovations.

    The chips there are rubbish now too.

      I was rather disappointed to find the domestic airport in Brisbane has removed the pinball machines there sometime in the last 6-12 months. Their presence used to be a great trip down nostalgia lane, not to mention making the wait between flights enjoyable.

        Hm. I think Melbourne used to have the same? At least I was pretty sure it was Melbourne. Then I went there last week and didn't see any of them, so lame. Unless I was actually thinking of Brisbane, but I don't remember the last time I would have been up there to see them.

        Either way, total suck.

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