Diablo III Could Be Demonising Desktops By June

Activision-Blizzard expects to release the highly-anticipated action-RPG by the end of Q2 this year, the publisher said in a conference call with investors today. We could be hunting loot and hacking up demons just in time for summer.


    Doesn't have pause button. Seems like WoW lite. Can wait for $25 price tag.


    At what point will there be consumer backlash? You can only say "when it's ready" on every game for so long I believe. I know quite a few people who are much less enamoured with Blizzard games and development house because of long wait times and odd/bad/restrictive design choices in their games. Can't wait for the day Blizzard drops the ball or someone beats them to the punch with a better game...

      When it's ready is bullshit though. It hasn't applied to a Blizzard game in a while.

      This much like every other release by blizzard in the past couple of years. Hasn't been released when it's ready.

      It's been released. "When we have cut enough of the content to determine that it should be released"

      "Nethaera Community Manager A few more changes have made their way in to Diablo III beta patch 10, including the removal of Scrolls of Companion and Scrolls of Reforging, and we’ll be updating the patch notes to reflect that.

      In both cases these are features we felt were underdeveloped and just not quite good enough for the game in their current state. The companion pets felt like they were mandatory to maximize play efficiency and some of the pets were too cutesy for the gritty, dark world of Sanctuary. Neither of those are issues we felt like we could solve without a lot of additional work, and we’re trying to close in on a solid release date for the game, not move further away. When weighing these systems against releasing the game, we decided to cut these scrolls and stay on track for the game’s release."

      Which isn't a we will release it when it's ready mentality, they have a release in mind and they are going to meet it. The most interesting features of WoW in the past couple of years all ended up getting cut and never came back

        Right i swore in that, my bad any chance it just gets edited :D

    I cant WAIT for Blizzards next 1/3 of a game... you know, where they release 1/3 of a game, charge you full price, then promise the rest in a timely fashion...

    Then don't deliver on the promise.

    Yeeeeeah Heart of the Swarm, I'm lookin'at you.

      Heart of the Swarm is still another year away. We don't *need it yet anyway. WoL still has so much to offer. Anyone who watched the GSL last night can agree with that.

        You mean like a continuiing story? Conclusion etc?

        I mean not that it'll be the finish to the story, the Protoss chapter will likely give that. But still, what is it, 3 years when it comes out in total since 2?

          Spreading out the releases for the competitive multiplayer is more important than the campaign. The campaign is nothing but sweet frosting on top of a very delicious cake.

            That's your opinion and others have different opinion's.

            Frankly with LAN gone, i barely play SC2 MP. However i do want to play the 2 campaigns.

            Not to mention that if the campaign was so irrelevant they would have made 3 short ones than just released one version of the game to start with

              Bingo. its nice to see not everyone shares the douche online elitest mentality. Its most common amongst CoD players who scream bloody murder when you declare you prefer campaign over online. Go figure.

                (FYI I do play CoD, just not online, as you guessed, as well as Bad Company, love them both equally. Find them both major fun. Just find the BC people dont care either way generally. CoD people tend to be rather venemous...)

    I, (Blizzard) used to deliver games on time once, but I took an arrow to the knee.

    You're all jerks. How is this bad news?

      Because it was originally scheduled to be released by the end of 2011?

        You explain more than you know, Internet man.

          I get that it's pathetic to feel entitled to a release date, but the game was announced over 3 years ago, and Blizzard were supposed to have 'learned their lesson' a decade ago about announcing games too early. With all the news about (major) ongoing changes, and no variation from the official 'it's nearly done' line, it's very easy to feel like the game's as far away as ever.

    People continue to be shocked at delays to Blizzard products? Wow. These people practically defined the term 'delayed'.

    I think it's not gunna live up to the hype anyway... should we really care about a game that seems to be less like diablo and more like wow everytime... Personally I think a Diablo 2 HD version would have been the go....

    Also YEAH WTF IS up with starcraft being released in three sections make me vomit

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