Dinky Kong Is Part Of Our Digital Heritage

Zynga did not invent the concept of copying game ideas from others. It has been going on for decades. A new database compiling examples of games written in Australia and New Zealand in the 1980s is appealing for information from the public, using a locally-built Donkey Kong knock-off as a way to attract attention.

The Australasian Heritage Software Database is being put together by Flinders University academics Melanie Swalwell and Denise de Vries. The two are also involved in the Play It Again project to preserve our digital games heritage, a project that has been going on since 2009.

All fine stuff, and the team has used the example of Dinky Kong — a New Zealand-written Kong clone for C64 and Vic20 — to launch its appeal for experts and people who remember the era to contribute information. I suspect a few Kotaku readers might be able to help with enhancing the listings!

Preserving our digital heritage [Flinders News via Australian IT/AAP]


    This is pretty awesome. Just the other day I started putting together a list of games made in Australia, so I'm glad someone else had the same idea and was much more organised about it.

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