Does David Jaffe Really Recommend His New Game As A Sexual Aid?

Does David Jaffe Really Recommend His New Game As A Sexual Aid?

Game designer David Jaffe has been in the news quite a bit this week. His newest game, Twisted Metal is set to launch in a few days and his recently announced impending departure from studio Eat Sleep Play made a bit of a splash.

Unfortunately, while promoting Twisted Metal in an interview with GameTrailers, Jaffe’s comments about the multiplayer co-op aspect of the game made another kind of splash entirely, as he suggested male players use their game performance to earn oral sex.

From 4:15 – 4:25, in the video below, Jaffe opines: “I tell you why, Twisted Metal, February 14 — Valentine’s Day — it’s a great, great romantic gift, if you have a lady friend and she really wants to know the best game ever, and she will give you a f**king blowjob, if you play this game. If you let her win Twisted Metal split screen, she will suck your d**k.”

Here’s the interview in question:

As one can perhaps imagine, several gamers took exception with this particular endorsement of Twisted Metal’s co-op mode. In a lengthy series of Twitter posts and responses, edited together here for cohesion but without changed content, Jaffe addressed some critical responses directly:

Uhm, on the whole GT BJ thing, if I may: I like vulgar but the way that was edited came off more vulgar than even I like. There actually was some context to that conversation as I recall but the edit only showed the last part of a bigger discussion. Granted, the overall discussion was still intentionally juvenile and over the top but w/that as context- especially given the entire REST of the GT piece had NO indication the interview was gonna go vulgar, at least I think you’d see more where it was coming from.

Again, as I said earlier: it WAS meant to be stupid and childish but it was edited so as to cut off the lead off where we are talking about Valentine’s Day and sex and stuff and then we transition to the BJ part. Again, nothing suave about it but it makes more sense if UC whole bit. That said:I see NOTHING misogynistic about what I said. Crude and vulgar? You bet! And unintentionally so when out of context. BUT what is misogynistic about what I said? That’s just crazy! Never said ‘buy this product and A girl will suck your dick’. I said ‘YOUR GIRLFRIEND’ would…and in context of the conversation, I would have just as easily said to a woman ‘buy this product and your man will please you orally’. Again, vulgar and dumb? Sure. Nothing sexist about it tho.

No1 died sure, but I personally find it hurtful to be called a misogynist. I have 2 daughters and I’m a big fan of women. Many of my very best friends are women and I respect women. The idea that being crude and vulgar=misogynistic to some folks bugs the fuck outta me (but also indicates they are probably super pussy whipped PC types who God know I dunno why I give a shit about their judgement of me anyway)…so yeah, I really should not be upset :). Problem solved! 🙂

The part that Jaffe seems to misunderstand is that someone doesn’t need to be waxing a handlebar moustache and tying young ladies to railroad tracks to make a sexist or misogynist statement. Most trouble doesn’t actually come from villains and it doesn’t come from people who actively stand around shouting, “I hate women.” It comes from thoughtlessness.

By framing his statement as “let her win and she’ll give you a blowjob,” Jaffe’s said a few things he may or may not have meant to. The first is that only straight men could possibly develop an independent interest in playing his game. The second is that the best way for a man to get what he wants is to come up with some underhanded trickery to apply. The last is that a girl or woman couldn’t actually win a co-op match on her own.

Crude vulgarity that puts men in the position of manipulating women for sexual gain is misogyny. And perhaps he could indeed have said to the ladies that letting their male partners win would guarantee them sex — but he didn’t. And really, is any of this the best way to sell an action-packed automotive combat game? Perhaps Jaffe should just call this game an orgy of destruction… and leave any other kind of orgy out of it.


  • I won’t comment on the issue of misogyny as enough people are doing that to cover all the angels, but not to sound like a conspiracy guy but it kind of looks like GT may have baited him there.

    Jaffe’s known to run his mouth, so GT get Jaffe rolling with crude jokes and then only show the most incriminating joke in the interview, and considering that sexism in games is the big issue at the moment: BAM Instant controversy and the GT video gets reposted everywhere.
    Thanks for the page hits, see you next week.

    • “Jaffe’s known to run his mouth”

      And honestly, we need more people like him… the guy is massively passionate about his games and hearing developers talk about their games like him I find that far more appealing than ANY marketing PR that gets drip fed through ‘official’ channels.

      Everything now is over sensitive, instead of listening to what he says about the game, they focus on a throw away line… now there are 2 back to back stories on Jaffe and nothing on the actual game from the interview that he did.

  • I think people are WAY too sensitive. I mean, shit:
    “By framing his statement as “let her win and she’ll give you a blowjob,” Jaffe’s said a few things he may or may not have meant to. The first is that only straight men could possibly develop an independent interest in playing his game. The second is that the best way for a man to get what he wants is to come up with some underhanded trickery to apply. The last is that a girl or woman couldn’t actually win a co-op match on her own.”

    Why don’t we over-analyze this further and say that he’s also saying ONLY MEN IN HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS CAN ENJOY THIS GAME?

  • I’m with jaffe. Blowjobs are rad and twisted metal looks equally rad. We live in a world where BS shows like jersey shore exist and are watched by millions, yet a quote involving sex and video games is considered offensive. I GUARANTEE the same retards who find this offensive have also picked up a copy of ‘human centipede’ and gone “ah gross… I kinda want to see it though”

  • It’s easy to accuse others of being over-sensitive when you’re not affected by the words used.

    As a girlfriend, I stopped and thought: “Umm… excuse me? I will suck my boyfriend’s dick if he lets me win at this game? What the hell?”

    It’s actually quite a degrading thing for him to say and I found it off-putting. Look, it’s good that he has apologised, but he needed to be called out on this. His interview makes male gamers seem like immature man-children, which they AREN’T. It reflects poorly on the gaming community, and this is why we should care. We can’t complain about the mainstream media not taking us seriously and stereotyping us as childish misogynists if we’re willing to just let people like Jaffe say whatever he wants and get away with it.

      • agreed. If anything, the “apology” was just more of the same behavior. I’m not sure Jaffe could fit any more cliched excuses into that last paragraph.

        A lot of us made similar jokes when we were growing up without realizing the impact they had on the girls and women around us. It’s never an easy experience to realize that you’ve created a pattern of behavior that hurts some of the people around you – you can see that from the comments here.

        It’s difficult to move forward from “That’s not what I said/meant” to “I’m sorry”, and from there to a point where you don’t say those things in the first place. There are ways to get similar points across in a less misogynistic fashion: for example, Jaffe could have said something like “and if, you know, you’re part of a couple, and both of you are gamers, you pick up Twisted Metal, and, you know, Valentine’s Day, maybe you play split-screen for … I won’t say what, but maybe some interesting stakes.” It makes a similar point without suggesting throwing the match or getting your “lady friend” to give you sexual favors.

        It’s also difficult when you’re surrounded by people who have the same patterns as you, especially if they haven’t acknowledged that yet. When many people around you are rejecting the idea that words can be hurtful, it’s easy to just go along with them.

        But doing so continues to perpetuate the hostile environment that surrounds gaming. Many of us would be more than happy to share one of our favorite hobbies with an interesting woman … but is this really the kind of community that she would want to join? I think we owe it to women – wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters, mothers, whoever – to call out this kind of behavior and to replace it with behavior that makes gaming the type of activity they can truly enjoy, whether at the console or on a website.

    • This.

      Even if you can’t see why Jaffe’s comments were misogynistic (unintentional or no) you have to ask is this really how we want to portray this hobby we all take so much pleasure from.

      Films, music (excluding fringe ‘offense’ acts), books… none of these media properties is promoted thus. But in the world of games, a supposedly adult medium (or so we keep telling ourselves) this kind of thing is okay? I don’t buy that is the way it should be.

      And props to Kate Cox for the article… even if she does spell her surname the wimps way. 😉

    • Oh Jesus, relax. Way to take a comment out of context, then demonize a guy for it. What shoddy “journalism”. The fact is, people, especially guys, joke like this ALL THE TIME. And that’s not an exaggeration. We do it a lot.

      If he had told a woman to blow him, that’s one thing. But this? It’s a joke, and one you knowingly reported on out of context. Pathetic.

    • Seconded Tracey. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel uncomfortable classifying myself as a gamer, lest I be associated with people like this. It’s unfortunate too that when given the opportunity to make things right, he shows he just doesn’t understand the problem people have with it at all, descending into the equivalent of “some of my best friends are black” as his response.

      I can’t say I was especially interested in Twisted Metal before, but now it’s a no brainer, I won’t be buying this even for $1 in the bargin bin.

      • Sure, don’t play a game made by a team of hard working developers because of one guy’s stupid joke. That makes sense.

        • It does. While it’s certainly unfortunate for other people such as the developers involved to suffer for this as well, I can’t simply ignore this kind of behaviour either. If I chose to ignore it at best I could be seen as accepting this behaviour, at worst it’d be tantamount to endorsing it.

  • I’ll be honest. I agree with Tracey 100% on this. The games industry is full of (moreso designers for some reason), ego driven boys. Sorry, but it’s true. Been there, done that. Time for the industry to grow up, for people to get off their pedestals, and for more women to enter the industry IMHO.

    And yes, it’s very bad PR for gamers and the industry as a whole. Jaffe isn’t that great. If he were, he wouldn’t have to say stuff like this in the first place to gain attention.

    • He was making that comment in jest. And this was the only he has ever made these kind of remark. Try not to lose hope for humanity.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things. Not because of Jaffe or his comments, but because any time sex/sexism is brought up, suddenly everyone jumps on their soapbox about how morally right/wrong it is that he said that, and that an aplogy should happen/keep doing what you’re doing, blah blah blah ect ect.

    We, as a gaming community, always (Especially recently) seem to be on the look out for something to get offended by, almost ot the point of forgetting about the games themselves, and hell, even forgetting that the people making these games are human too. How many of us haven’t said something a little crass or inappropriate at the wrong time? Or lost our temper at something, and someone else copped the wrath of it? Jaffe was just excited for his game, and wanted to hype it up, and considering he’s not selling a G rated family game, in fact quite the opposite, a throwaway reference to sex probably felt appropriate at the time. Hell, I probably would have said something similar and I bet so would many others in his position.

  • Did an editor of Kotaku really just claim that gamers aren’t immature manchildren with an article called “The Dating Secrets Of Your Favorite Video Game Characters” sitting at the top of the front page?

    Hahahaha. never change kotaku

    • First, Leigh’s article was intended as satire.

      Second, would you rather I accuse the readers of this site (and thus readers like yourself) of being immature man-children? I would not make a such a gross generalisation of this site’s readership.

  • Here’s the problem with crude and vulgar jokes: women love reading between the lines and analysing things that sometimes just aren’t there. And so, by making comments or jokes in the heat of the moment, in the spirit of jest, in front of a camera crew you believe will post the video and the context of the conversation with the integrity that they were had, you inevitably upset more than a few of them.

    We forget that Jaffe is the kinda guy who likes to mouth off and even when this is the first time that’s got him into trouble, we crucify him and swear off the products he makes.

    It is our inability to take the whole situation into account and our inclination to take everything as if it were personal or some kind of underhanded manipulation that causes unnecessary misunderstandings and undeserved hate.

    Jaffe is crude and he’s the type to make vulgar jokes. He didn’t think about how his words could be misinterpreted. That was his mistake.

    So stop hearing what he didn’t say.

  • Got nothing to do with ‘intended as’ and everything to do with ‘intended for.’

    Nothing says mature, discerning audience like videogame fanfic.

  • What? Somebody made a joke that implied that a human being might consider being manipulative and underhanded on Valentine’s Day in order to recieve some kind of personal gratification from their significant other? FOR SHAME!

    • But seriously people, on Valentine’s Day you need to treat your girl like you would a Wookie. You make damn sure she wins and not because you’ll get something for it, but because you don’t want to have your arms torn from their sockets when she loses.
      If she beats you fair and square you’re golden… if it looks iffy then you take that dive, and take it quick.
      All this talk of positive reinforcement and blowjobs and whatnot? That’s just marketing bullshit, so get it outta your head right now. We’re talking about your goddamn ARMS and whether or not you’re keeping them for one more year.

      This is nothing to joke about.

    • sensationalistic journalism with high moral ground-based opinions are always offensive to people who dislike being patronised.

  • How was his comment ever sexist? Are you all implying that only women give blowjobs?

    That’s more sexist that whatever David Jaffe said.

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