Doom, Meet Warhammer 40k. Warhammer 40k, Meet Doom.

This was once, in a former life, an entire army of Warhammer 40K miniatures. It is now one of the greatest tributes to id's classic Doom I've ever seen.

There are the obvious conversions. Existing models modified and repainted to look like the bad guys from the game. But I love the extra touches. Like the pieces for door keys.

DOOM Daemon troops for Warhammer 40k [Next Level, via Super Punch]


    Jesus christ, painting one of these let alone that many with that much detail. I'm impressed fuaaa

      I painted these figures for years. Believe it or not, the level of detail is rather deceiving. Drybrushing is a technique that places paint on the raised edges and surfaces of a model while leaving the lower areas clean. It gives it a great look. That's been used a *lot* here.

        Looks mostly imperial guard, I guess you could run it as that pretty easy on the tabletop, would certainly be interesting.

    FUUUCKK awesome! I love my warhammer 40k


    SD cards as keys. Nice.

      This. I thought it was awesomely clever.

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