DOTA 2's Idea Of Valentine's Day Is New Character Art

It's no box of chocolates or a rose, but it'll do.

These are Valve's official character art sheets for the heroes Lone Druid, Lycan, and Shadow Demon.

If you'd like to see some other example of DOTA 2 character art, check out this Fine Art feature from last year, which featured a ton of it.

And before anyone asks, no, Valve has not returned our calls about that whole DOTA 2 legal mess.


    It's interesting, I love the artwork as concept art, but I prefer the original dota looks for allllmooost every character I've seen, that lycan work looks awesome, but I don't like it as the look for Lycan. Meh.

    Is it just me... or is that guy just the heavy with a a beard and some fangs...

      Yeh I thought this was a TF2 story from the thumbnail :P


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