Downloadable Versions Of PS Vita Games Will Be 10% Cheaper

This makes complete sense, but it's nice to have it confirmed — according to Shack News Sony has stated that downloadable versions of PS Vita games will be 10% cheaper than their regular box retail counterparts.

Interestingly, possibly as a direct response to issues with the PSP Go, best buy in the US will be selling downloadable codes of games in store, still at the 10% discount. Neogaf user GQman2121 spotted multiple titles sporting the same discount.

It's an interesting compromise, and I'll be interested to see the results. As games move towards digital, particularly with handheld consoles, we're in a massive transition period. This allows Sony to minimise their outlay whilst also providing retailers with something concrete they can sell.

Vita games will be cheaper when downloaded [Shack News]


    Sony did not confirm the 10% discount. Sony confirmed that digital titles will be cheaper and nothing more. The link back to Shack News shows this pretty clearly as the prices are listed in the "Original Post" section and the Sony confirmation is laid out in the "Update" section.

    How many will bet that they need multiple memory cards in order to have all of those games?

    Why didn't the Vita have flash memory like the PSP Go?

      You'll need just the one and you transfer the games as needed. I recommend at least a 16GB card.

        Isn't 16gb the limit here?

        Yes I know many people will just say Ozgameshop and will just buy the 32gb memory card through them.

        Honestly I just don't understand the move, to say that stock is super limited and it's coming would seem to be a better move. Of course not for your stock holders as many people will wait till the big card arrives.

      Depends on the size you buy, obviously. Though there's no reason to carry every single game on you at all times; if you really switch between x many games over the course of a day none of them can really be all that entertaining, since you can't stay focused on one or two.

      If you're worried about backing them up, I'm pretty sure they'll add Vita support to Media Go, so users won't need to redownload their games each time.

    so 10% off the RRP? its still gonna be cheaper to get it for half the price from ozgameshop or zavvi.

      Way to stay positive.

        With the Australian videogame market, there is no positive, only inflation

          I just find the constant cynicism a little tedious.
          This is positive news, regardless of whether it's occuring within a negative environment.
          Sure, you can go and get your games cheaper somewhere else, I don't have a problem with that, but this choice being available in the local market is a good thing.

      Maybe they'll sell the download codes 10% cheaper than their boxed versions, too?

    Hopefully this will mean that during an in-store sale the download codes you can buy will also be reduced in price (and be 10% cheaper than the gamecard version).

    That's assuming that Australian stores do the same thing.

    As it is there is already a discrepancy in retail pricing on these games. Uncharted is listed as $68 at EB and $59 at JB. If this is 10% off RRP which I assume EB is charging, then JB is still the better deal. Ozgameshop has it listed at $52.99. Winner!

    Mwahahaha so glad I'm importing from the US. The games are 20-40% cheaper on the US PSN anyway, and the 10% discount should make up for the 10% extra Play-Asia charges for PSN prepaid cards.

      Plus the US PSN has way more stuff on it so far, and most likely that will continue to be the trend for Vita too.

      Mate! Buy your PSN cards from with no markup at all. Thats what I do ;)

    This is good, I'll likely be buying all my games digitally, unless they're not available on the store, in which case I'll buy retail. I hate carrying games around. Already do this for my PSP, although half the reason is for battery saving reasons - won't affect the Vita with games being flash based of course, but still more convenient.

    Most likely you'll be able to walk into kmart or target and get the physical games cheaper than the 10% off digital games anyway. Factor in the price of the memory cards and it suddenly doesn't seem that great.

      target's prices are the worst, they sell a 3 year old game for 100 bucks still :\

    Anyone know if you can you game share between 2 psvitas like you can do with 2 PS3s? (Using the same PSN account on each of course)

    This would be the only reason to go digital for me. It would allow my sons to have the same game on each of their Vitas with one purchase.

      I've heard about a loop hole via the PS3, but don't know the details. You'll probably find an article about it about a week ago.

    While it is nice to hear of a discount for PSN games, the cynics wil be right (particularly in respect to Aussie consumers): it'll be cheaper to buy at retail and even cheaper to import.

    Nice to have the option though.


      You're going to need the memory card whether you download off the store or buy retail. Also, if your download limit won't allow for maybe a gig or two on a VIta game here and there, you should get a new plan.

      I swear Sony could announce they'll be releasing all games on Vita for free, and include vouchers for free meals, holidays and massages, and people would still complain. Lighten the f'k up, people.

        I have the right to complain about the card. Seemingly others have already complained. So much so - that Sony have reduced prices in Oz even before release. I do not want it to fail.

    So importing on a card is over 20% cheaper than downloading them here? I thought we were nearing the end of this crap... Obviously not so much.

    Digital copies being cheaper, I like the initiative they're taking.
    But the other side of the coin is how much inexplicably high the retail copies are, and whether or not the digital copy is the lesser evil.

    I'm glad that at least there's a small step in the right direction in regards to digital pricing for Sony.

    If you didn't have to buy their memory card, this would be better news. Frankly, I would rather pay the extra and get the card, cover, booklet etc.

    considering the odd sale or two, it can be a good option to download. During the Xmas sales, Rayman Origins on psn was cheaper than local retail (not including imports), so while it may not be the cheapest option all the time, it's better than some of the pricing on the psn store now

    consider this: the most cost effective per gig - 16gb vita mem rrp $64.95, smaller games are around 2gb meaning you get up to 8 games per card meaning the space consumed on the card is costing you around $8 per game.
    The most expensive game rrp $69.95 meaning 10% saving saves you $7
    This obviously doesnt take into account the (presumed) ability to move games around but tbh i really couldnt be stuffed with all that.
    10% just isnt enough to make digital download a viable option imo

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