Drums! Dragons! Decent Graphics! Must Be The Witcher 2 On Xbox 360

The latest trailer for the coming Xbox 360 "Enhanced Edition" of The Witcher 2 is a percussive lil' thing, featuring lots of intercut action, as well as at least a glimpse of one of the trademark steamy love scenes and a forest tableaux that just screams "See? The game looks fine on the Xbox 360!"

There's also a scene that I have to assume comes from a point in the new third-act quest, which PC gamers will also be receiving as a free download.

I played a chunk of the 360 version and liked it. It's still very much the game that PC gamers played last year, minus some of the visual bells and whistles. It releases on April 17th.


    For a studio that bought to light all the piracy issues plaguing the PC version, i wonder why they opted for a 360 port rather than a PS3 port... Or does Microsoft have a hand on the licensing side? I mean lets face it, in comparison, piracy on the PS3 is way less common then 360...

      I'm pretty sure it was a money issue. My guess is that they only could spare enough money to port to one console, and figured they would get more bang-for-buck from Xbox than PS3. I don't think piracy had anything to do with it.

      Frankly, claims like that, especially using the terms 'in comparison' without even a link for evidence is just inviting trollwars.

        I'd be inclined to agree with you had i made that comment on any other issue. i dont thing evidence is really necessary to be honest, i suppose what im trying to say is that piracy on the 360 is more accessible, and able on any version of the dashboard, and is an issue that has plagued the 360 since its very early days... in comparison, piracy on the ps3 is still relatively new, and sony is doing a decent job at patching their security loopholes keeping pirates on their toes...

        not playing favourites, personally i own both consoles but havent used them in ages as i prefer the pc...

      I believe it's mostly down to the fact that they couldn't afford to port to both consoles at the same time (PS3 might be down the track, might not) and it's far easier to port a PC game to the Xbox than it is to the Playstation.

      I get that there's more piracy on the Xbox, due in part to the earlier cracking and also to the frequent size of the games (DVD vs Blu-Ray) but that probably is offset by the money saved by not having to rewrite the game from scratch.

      As a PS3 gamer currently ploughing through TW2 on PC, all I can say to Xbox gamers is - you're very lucky to get a game this good coming to you! Worth getting on day one, for sure.

        its been sitting on my steam account for about 3 weeks..... untouched, unloved...

        Damn Skyrim....

    I hope this does well...I loved this game, and although I'd love to buy it again for xbox, they said all the enhancements that they put into the game are going to be made available on PC, so I'll stick to that version...but for anyone that needs to know, this is one of the best games I've played. Loved every second of it.

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