EA's Origin Reaches 9 Million Registered Users


    The only thing I like about Origin more than Steam is the client's design and colour scheme. My opinion.

      Did you know? You can use skins with Steam.

    A quarter of the users in a handful of months?

    That's pretty impressive.

    Pity there's not more detailed analysis of this, though.

      8,999,999 of the accounts only have Battlefield 3 registered to them.

        Don't forget the BF3 Beta also..

        and that's the only reason I have it

    How many of thos users arre like me and have signed up, had a look adn then gone back to Steam adn not logged in ever since.

    It just like when WoW carries on about having eleventy trillion registered users. Four of those are free acounts that I signed up for free, played for a week to see if it had gotten any better thn last time, then uninstalled adn never went back. How many of them are active each week.

      Actually whenever i've seen that it's been people who are paying for a subscription. They don't count F2P or people who are currently do not have play time.

    The only reason I have it running is because of Battlefield 3, otherwise I ignore it's stupid retail standard prices. The Software is bad also, badly designed, the only good thing out of it all is I've made 3.2mbps download speeds.

      Agree completely. It's only there for BF3 (which I bought from ozgameshop). It crashes regularly for me too.

    I'd Still say the majority of accounts have 1 game tied to it that end in field

    9 million BF3 PC players? Interesting.

    It would be interesting to see how many subscribers Origin would have if they hadn't blocked their games from being sold via Steam and some other 3rd parties - and you didn't need to sign up to Origin in order to play EA games.

    That's really impressive, even if it's just for BF3 and the Star Wars MMO. I love Steam and have a couple of hundred games tied to it (thanks to indie bundles and the big sales). But if Syndicate requires Origin, I think it will soon be 4million+1 :)

    Speaking of PC game clients, tried out Desura this week, mostly just to register up my indie bundles - seems quite good, but I can't figure out if it auto updates the games after initial download?

    I'd actually expect a rather large number of those users to be like me, who have accounts because they've registered the EA games they've brought through retail an on steam.
    Steams 40 million users doesn't entirely represent their success as an online retail, but is inclusive as their success as a service provider, which has encouraged publishers like Activision to make it's usage mandatory.

    I have 3 games on it and one of them i bought on steam and it needed my ea account then associated with Origin for some reason "Gattling Gears" is the game name

    Imagine what the number will be if all the people who own The Sims decide to update their game!

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