Eh, What's With The Big Resident Evil 6 Demo Gap?

According to Famitsu, the Xbox 360 Resident Evil 6 demo hits on July 3 in Japan. It hits the PS3 on September 4. That's a big gap! Wonder why... [Famitsu]


    "$$" < this

    While we all know it's a moneyhat, perhaps instead of asking the question on the blog, you go ask CAPCOM themselves?

      It's a rhetorical question. Like CAPCOM will give us a truthful, non-waffle like answer.

        I know it was, but that's not the point... the article should just be about the fact that a RE6 demo is available on these dates.

        "we've reached out to CAPCOM, to ask why the time delay"

        It's more of a case that the writer (doesn't matter who it is, or what site) when writing something like this, are just ridiculously lazy to accept the news and not even attempt to "investigate" further.

        Flick off an email, it's not exactly a hard thing to do and if they respond with a bullshit answer (like we all expect them) then publish that along with the post, then they can make the snide "wonder why" comment.

          Why bother doing that when theres a long feature on Hello Kitty to be written!!!!

          Its called timed exclusivity *shakes head*

    They were all giving fellatio to giraffes. #deadjokes

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