Enjoying The Launch Trailer For A Game I Can't Even Play

Syndicate is the latest casualty of Australia's antique classification laws, and also hopefully one of the last. Because of this, I will not legally be allowed to purchase the game, despite the fact I am 31 years old.

This trailer, then, is about as close as I'm going to get. Which is a shame. Because I love Brian Cox. So very, very much.

The game is out on February 21 (Feb. 24 if you're in Europe).


    I might be a rebel and import this anyway! :o F*ck the police!

      I see a new TV series.

      ASIO : Refused Classification Import Investigation Unit.

      Targeting sick scum like you Jelly.

        Yeah, but the show has to be called: "ASIO: RCIIU"!

      If you get fined $110,000 and serve 2 years in jail for smuggling, (fucking australian laws) let me know

    Luke is 31?

    From what he posts I always thought he was 12

      I always thought you were 12.


        I always thought your mum was 12!


          Your face is 12!

          +1 to name though, was gonna post something similar and he beat me to it :P

    I thought Luke lived in the US

      I am very confused at the moment. This could change Everything!!!

        Always knew he was Australian - they gotta have someone in each of the four main territories - question is though who reports for them out of Britain?

          Bob the Bulider. Who else could fix... I mean, do it.

    "I never wanted this."


      My favourite line is from the first trailer: "Unscheduled reboot in 5... 4... 3... 2..."


    31? Too old to be playing video games anyway.

      No such thing as too old for video games!

    Hopefully they spend as much effort as they did making this trailer into the actual game

    ah piracy i resort back to you

    I thought you were American. And all long I've been thinking that Kotaku AU was filled with great reporters

    Brian Cox will always be The Director to me, yet another casualty of Australia.

    Surely OzGameShop is legit, its got "Oz" in the title and prices are in AUD and half the price of what retails stores here charge, how was I to know they shouldn't be selling it to me?

    I'm sure CD key sites will sell it, cutting the cost by about $40 - $50 at least if not more. After all, they are selling Darkness 2 for around $35 against the $90+ in stores here.

    This has never been an issue for Steam users, as you can easily reset your location and buy the game from a foreign version of the Steam website, something that I did to get L4D2. I wonder if that will be the case for EA's Origin.

      ah what?

      its not that simple anymore. It USE to be simple but they've changed it on steam because people were doing that. Its not so simple anymore...

        Nope, still simple. Put money in your steam wallet, change location with vpn and purchase. Shame its only on origin

    That awkward moment when the news acrticle's thumbnail has a woman who looks like Alyx in it and think there is a real Half-Life 3 trailer on the internet.

    How could I be so foolish.

      'Foolish'? That's a bit too generous, she looks nothing like her, you're blind.

      You are not alone with that one.
      I wanted to believe so bad.

      I thought it was Episode 3 news as well. Or at least a fan trailer.

    i'll play it one way or another, what's your problem ?

    another FPS. wow

    Given I import every game I play now the whole classification thing literally means nothing. It's cheaper with no bs. If those in charge aren't going to respect us I'm am more than happy to spend my money elsewhere.

    In the words of the internet, I'll just leave this here... cdkeysdiscount.com/171-syndicate-origin-cd-key-buy-cheap.html

      How legit is this? The website looks really dodgy..

      Especially: "There are no territory limitations on activating this key. You can activate it from any country"

      Which contradicts this exact article.

      Well, I just bought a syndicate CD key from that website.
      Created an Origin account without a VPN, so it's an aussie account.

      And it's downloading now.
      Many thanks.

    Nice - I'll have to import that one!

    Wow. That's not Syndicate but it is cool. It's a shame it's stuck using someone elses name.

    You're 31 years old. Just import the damn thing.

    I got Catherine 5 months ago and it only just came out in Australia yesterday. Importing is awesome.

    Hopefully you can be an amoral agent and not have to fight the 'evil' syndicates. Unfortunately it's sounding like that's exactly where it is going.

    Who is importing this game anyway??

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