Epic Fan-Created Battle Rages Across Skyrim

In this skilfully assembled scene that feels straight out of the siege of Minas Tirith, a cast of hundreds go to war. Featuring undead, a dragon, and a couple of decidedly irritated mage-generals, "The Great Battle of Skyrim" lives up to its name. I, for one, walked away curious to learn more about the reasons for their fight.

Thanks Geo!


    Haha that was epic. Damn good job.

    so many deathlords

    Awesome, although all I could think of when I first saw the skeletons was Army of Darkness.

    That is really quite excellent!

    I'm curious about if they were all supposed to be dwarves on the not-undead side, and also, which mod gives you War's (from Darksiders) sword?

    Wow...! If only the in-game battles were this epic!

    I was waiting for that guy on the rock to take an arrow....no I just can't say it!

    so this is what the battles from the ingame texts would look like..

    That was just pure epic. No other way to describe it.

    Now start to scavenge all the dead bodies.

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