Erox Is Supposed To Get Gamers Laid, But Somehow We Wound Up Discussing Armpits

Erox Is Supposed To Get Gamers Laid, But Somehow We Wound Up Discussing Armpits

There’s a market for everything and Adrianne Curry knows it.

In the interview above, the America’s Top Model star (and self-professed geek) tries to sell our own Stephen Totilo on her new pheromone-infused fragrance aimed at gamers. She also talks about body odours, getting kicked out of Comic Con and dating your World of Warcraft guild-mates.

Does she succeed? Watch the video to find out!

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  • Pheromones. Right. What a load of crap.

    Why don’t you talk to us about homeopathic medicine, or other unscientific unproven bullshit.

    Do some actual research before you release something that claims to have these effects. It should be illegal to sell unproven bullcrap like this.

      • Blind studies on pheromones haven’t proven any association between the scent people emit and people’s reaction to them. Pheromones are a wafty science and there hasn’t been any proper studies conducted.

        It’s exactly like the powerbands lol. I still can’t believe people bought them, 3 people at work wore them lol.

        • Woah dude, we should make a homeopathic pheremone body mist! It’d being in almost double the money, first from the rubes who believe anything must be scientific if the name has more than 2 syllables AND from the chronically pathetic losers who think there’s such a thing as a magic sex spray

          The deeply tragic thing is that I can imagine it selling okay

          • Bah damn typos, supposed to say “bring in”, not “being in”

            Ooh I’ve just thought of the name of the spray too: “Don’t be a misogynistic dickhead” (because thats the only thing that will make the spray bottle of water seem effective).

      • Did you read the page you linked…..?

        “Despite these claims, no pheromonal substance has ever been demonstrated to directly influence human behavior in a peer reviewed study.[23][24][25] The role of pheromones in human behavior remains speculative and controversial.”

        • “Pheromones. Right. What a load of crap.”

          I thought you were disputing the existence of pheromones, hence the link – though you still sound like a disgruntled user of the product 😛

    • Sorry for the late reply, it takes me a long time to type anything cause i’m wearing 500 powerbands on my arms. I lifted 3 cars yesterday!

  • And just when you thought it wasn’t possible to insult the intelligence of gamers any further.

    Wait, I only thought that once, a number of years ago. For about 3 seconds.

    The most concerning part is, this product must be viable on some level, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. Means somewhere, someone will buy it or at the very least express more than a passing interest in it.

    Protip for anyone that thinks this shit might work: Shower. Deoderant. The rest is up to you. The aura of desperation likely exuded by someone who buys into this will grossly override any effect the pheromones would have, if they weren’t complete bullshit to begin with.

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