Every Action Has A Cost In I Am Alive

The latest developer diary for Ubisoft Shanghai's I Am Alive goes behind the scenes of the game's creation.

A huge disaster has dragged a city back to instinctual basics, and "90 per cent of the human race is gone". The diary shows off a handsome amount of footage as to how you'll survive, using what's in your inventory to preserve stamina in a world where "every [action] has a cost".

Check out our two previews of the game here and here.


    Sucks that they didn't keep the games orignal budget for a full scale release, all considering it would of been a fun survival game choices in a game are fun but choices in real time is just even more exciting.

    Unsure if i'll buy the DLC.

    A game I'm def looking forward to

    Hmm. No PC. No money for you, Ubisoft.

      Given ubisoft's track record with drm would you really want to deal with this on pc?

    Wheres the subtitles

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