Fallout 3's Tunnel Snakes Rule, And So Does This Amazing Classic Remix

Who could forget the Tunnel Snakes, the dorkiest, least menacing group of post-apocalyptic greaser wanna-be gangsters to ever grace a role-playing game? I sure couldn't. And who could forget this classic vide, which though it's a few years old, still holds up remarkably well?

Not Jenn Frank, anyway, who was kind enough to remind me of this video by YouTuber ElevateYourLevel, which remixes... well... dude, am I really going to explain what the video is to you? No. Maybe you've already heard it. But hey, this is Kotaku Melodic, and we like to listen to stuff! So let's listen again.

Tunnel Snakes rule!

We're the Tunnel Snakes!

That's us!

And we Rule!

I think I speak for everyone when I say: Yeah you guys rule!

If you have a pulse, this track will make you want to put on a leather jacket (be sure to slide it under your Pip-Boy!), take to the vault hallways, and dance, dance, dance.

Tunnel Snakes Rule! [YouTube via Infinite Lives]


    This was a terrible song.

    Anyone remember the good days, when Kotaku used to report ACTUAL GAMING NEWS?

    Also available at: http://www.tunnelsnakesrule.com/

    I let Butch's mother die, every single time. For some reason, it was one of the easiest 'evil' decisions of the game. Never once felt any remorse about it either.

    extremely old and bland news

    kotaku is really starting to suck

      US kotaku*

    Always amused me to find out where that arsehole ended up.
    Took a lot of adventuring, but what do you know? He found another Vault too!

    That was kinda really bad. Give me Wasteland Dancin' any day.

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